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I wont lie that i was born in Nairobi.

I was not but i always dreamed of the day that i would go there. growing up in the village, everyone talked about Nairobi and those who had been there were accorded respect. we even had songs about Nairobi.

I came to live with my parents in Nairobi after they felt that they could raise three kids without much hustle. Nairobi is magical. i came to that conclusion shortly after high school when i started going to Nairobi on my own.

Where do i start?

There is just so much to talk about especially now with all the development taking place. and isn’t development a beautiful thing? i should start with the superhighway, that is the pride of Nairobi. it has marginalized so many places including my hometown Ruiru. we all say that we live along the superhighway.traffic has greatly reduced. we now take only 25mins to get to Nairobi from ruiru. the highway now boasts of a mall that will become the largest in east Africa… i cant wait to waste dad’s hard earned coins in there once the mall is complete.

lets take a walk in the central business district.

Kirinyaga road; not so many people’s favorite area but you will need it if you want an affordable mechanic and auto spare parts.

River road; many ladies and men love river road. everyone loves river road. for us ladies it is the endless cosmetic shops that just mesmerize us. products ranging from weaves to jewellery; affordable yet so diverse. the bookshops in river road suffocate me. in my opinion you can get anything and everything at river road.

My personal favorite is Tom Mboya street. why? because of food. the hotels sprout out after every two steps; Sanford( Nairobi university students love this one), Arizona, olive, the list is just endless. Tom Mboya is also the street that never sleeps. its always busy, people are always in a hurry. at night, its more business. arrive there at 10pm and its as if the city was reborn. you will find vendors selling coats, shoes, especially shoes at insanely cheap prices you will cry. then the lighting and lovers cuddling up walking down the streets and still maintaining our culture of no PDA.

Maybe Nairobi starts cooling down as you progress to moi avenue and this is where most white collar jobs are found and it is the same with Kimathi street. from Loita street all the way to Uhuru highway, its just peace and harmony. tall buildings, very Porsche cars and elegant men and women using tablets and i phones. it feels good to be in uptown; no matatus, no noise, no rowdy people, just silent walks.

Cross Uhuru highway and dive into the parks. admire artist perfecting their skills, take a nap but hold your bag tightly and then dream about the city under the sun: Nairobi.

I found amazing books about Nairobi On Amazon. Here are some of the links

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Photo credit to Mike Njeru

By Wambui Ochieng'

Radical Feminist

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