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Today is a special day. At exactly 20.20 Nairobi hours, on the 20th of January of 2020 (sounds special right) I will post my #jichoche2020 story.

Today I found a poem I wrote five years ago. On the 14th of May 2015, titled ‘Just A Week’. It was not just fancy writing but bleeding my experience through poetry.

I was having the worst week of my life and I felt like my life “was fading into nothingness.”

I wrote it in bitter tears.

I even wrote it in small letters because of how little I felt at that moment.

But event through all that murk my life had been in that week, I still hoped for a better tomorrow.

“i faced the devil and came out with a smile.”


Some people commented on the post saying,


“Don’t you worry about right now, because tomorrow you’ll be able to smile.
Because it gets better, so much BETTER!

This is your story
Make it a best seller



“life is full of ups and downs,…but the joy of it is seeing the smiles beneath their frowns….
It’s all over,trash the negatives and treasure the lessons you got from the experience .
You are special.:)
you’ll live to testify… can’t wait to hear how your new week turns out.”


True to these two people, this story built me today.

It made me think. 5 years ago, my life was a crisis but I went through it and still came out of it. What’s more, I was resilient through it even though I felt like I was in a loop. And other people’s words really held my bones up. Now am milestones ahead. So are you, don’t you think?

This! This one right here. This is my #jichoche2020 story.

Here’s that poem.


My point is….


Cause this shit called life aint easy.




By Wambui Ochieng'

Radical Feminist

2 thoughts on “My #jichoche2020 Story: 5 Years Ago I was Having The Worst Week of My Life. I Wrote A Poem.”
  1. I can relate so much to this
    I once felt like nothing was gonna work out in my life I had lost hope and all thoughts of suicide we all I had
    I didnt imagine I would read this far you know 2020
    But then nilijichocha “theres surely a better tomorrow ”
    Thanks wambui❤❤❤

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