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(For all yoh, watch the sun and do you..)

I’m in a position to help a lot of people..
And i love it,
but people that claim that they love me..
Take advantage of it..
I erase ’em,
I can’t lie..
That toss a lot of lies..
Can’t trust the stories..
Tears swelling in my eyes..
I let my pen stab the page..
Times I feel raged..
Sometimes I felt trapped..
Hate got me locked in..
But I break free..
Won’t never let the anger overtake me..
Coz actions of another never make me or break me..
I never let ’em shake me..
And no matter what..
I never always wish excessive rage to,
The ones i call enemies..
Who only want to be friends of me..
On the other hand surrounded by the greatest God..
Who wouldn’t trade mind for nothing, not for anything..
I live my life through my chest..
My heart beat strong,
sometimes contaminated by the darkest side..
Can’t live a life of fear..
All that..
Get’s you is nowhere surrounded by a bunch of stress..
And I always been a hard head..
And never giving up
Coz anything I feel??
I know is possible..
Don’t never let people discourage..
Plant the dream let it flourish..
Thank you for giving me your best..
And I appreciate giving you everything.
Nothing less..

Mark Tha Airbender

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