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I just finished this month’s period, my first experience with the menstrual cup, and boo! I am feeling all glorious and ready for this next cycle. And I am going to tell you all about the menstrual cup!

My face glows like the moon on a full moon night.

My breasts stand firm like the cherengani hills.

My hips remind me of the hills of Koru.

My buttocks, soft like cotton, with contours like tributaries flowing from the mountains.

I feel juicy as ripe cherry-orange tomato sprouting in the hot and wet lands of Mwea Tebere.

I have never enjoyed being a woman this much.

Divine Femininity…

It was in May early this year when I interviewed Ebby Weyime of The Grace Cup on Gemini Spice Magazine Instagram about The Menstrual Cup. Up to then, I had never used the cup and I was curious about it just as you are!

Ebby was gracious enough to give us the breakdown of the menstrual cup. She told me how the cup was life-changing for her, so much she founded the Grace Cup, a company that deals with menstrual health and sells the cup.

Three months ago, I saved up 2k (Damn, that was something) and purchased my Grace Cup and baby! I think this is the best decision of my life so far! This is the third time I have used the menstrual Cup and all I have to tell my dear sisters out here, girl, save that money and get your cup, oh shit, get your freedom!

Escaping this Fucking Period Shame

There is a lot of shame surrounding menstruation, periods and women’s bodies. I remember walking into my grown up cousins bedrooms when I was seven years old and they hid their pads. From that time I realized there was something peculiar about periods and pads, and they needed to be hidden.

Over the years as I was growing up, this shame has become apparent leading a girl to commit suicide in 2014 because a male teacher threw her out of class because she had a blood stain. Older women feel it more, and passed it down to us so much we begin to hate our periods.

This period shame is a thing that many women feel. Read a story about period shame here.

But Ebby told me;

“Women do not hate their periods; it is the menstrual instrument!”.

said Ebby

And now, after using The Menstrual Cup, I am a believer!

My Experience with The Menstrual Cup

Tampons Phase

I began using tampons when I was in Campus. I wanted to be able to swim and shower in my period and I realized freedom with tampons.

Since time immemorial, women have been stopped from living our lives to the fullest when we are on our periods. You know, “don’t get close to the synagogues, don’t swim, don’t go near people, stay in the forest,” and all that fucking shit!

I was apprehensive the first time, like anyone would be trying out anything for the first time, “will it get in there?” I asked. “Come on, dicks can go into your vagina, but something as small as a tampon can’t?” Made sense so I tried it and loved it. I became a brand ambassador for Tampons.

While I had a good time with tampons, they became useless when I was pregnant and I had to return to pads. After giving birth, its really impossible to wear tampons. I went back to pads for an year, and going back to tampons was hectic. I needed another way.

The Menstrual Cup Is the Revolution: Periods with Dignity

And now, I am a Menstrual Cup Girl. Every time I am on my period, I feel like a boss babe. Or is it woman of substance? And below are the reasons why:

My Experience with The Menstrual Cup
  1. I forget I am on my period!

You know how when you are using pads and there’s this nagging pad pinned to your vagina 24/7 that makes you feel like a freak?

A wet pad stuck to your vagina that won’t go till you period ends? Of course, you can’t keep changing it after every hour so its dry all the time.

Sometimes you feel like its moved to the side?

Well forget about that with the cup, the only time I remember I am on my period is when I remember I have to check if the cup is full.

2. Total Hygiene!

I value feeling my vagina holistically. I love wiping my vagina now and then and just being free and clean. The no underwear also helps a lot!

With the pad, its difficult to feel this way.

Now, with the cup, God climbs down to earth herself!

You know the cup collects your blood at the opening of your uterus… so your vagina is totally fucking clean.

Like seriously! You put your fingers inside your vagina and there is no blood. At all!

3. Interacting Wichua Vagina

How many of you ladies understand the anatomy of your vagina?

One day, a lady told me you can’t wear a tampon coz you will stop your pee from flowing. And I asked her; “do you understand where your pee comes from?”

There are so many women out there who do not understand the anatomy of the female body.

For example, do you know where your clitoris is? Do you know the difference between your clitoris and urethra? Your vagina and clitoris?

4. Affordability

My Experience with The Menstrual Cup

I know… You are thinking; 2k Wambui? How the fuck is 2k affordable?

Well, think this way, this cup is 2k and you can use it (according to the Grace Cup) for 10 years.

Now, a pad is 50-100/- right?

If you multiply 100 by 12 months it’s 1200. By 1200 by 10 years; That’s 12,000. If you consider you will be spending 10 times more than the menstrual cup; isn’t it more prudent to invest in the menstrual cup? Even if it was just 3-5-year durability?

Doesn’t it also make sense to invest in the cup for girls who cannot afford pads every month and have to sleep with men so they can get them. One true investment that will last for a long time.

And once you have the cup; you always have it; you don’t have to go looking for pads when your periods come in; you just need to pick up; and fold it in! Talk about convenience!

5. Environmentally Friendly

We got to protect the great mother. It’s part of living up to the divine feminine you know. The world is moving towards sustainability and what better way to protect our home than to stop throwing pads to the earth?

6. Divine Femininity

Being a woman means being truly invested in yourself. Understanding your essence as a woman and being unapologetic about being a woman. Being you truly. Without allowing anyone (Men, if I am not being clear) to dictate how you do you. Just loving being the true divine feminine and enjoying being a woman.

One of the most important ways of achieving the divine feminine is using the menstrual cup and just enjoying being a woman!

So, switch to the menstrual cup!

How To Use The Menstrual Cup

  • Using the cup is not easy at first; the first two times I used it; I had a mixture of getting it and missing it every time I tried it. But with time and patience; I am learning to understand the cup and how my body works with her.
  • I really want to know the cons of the cup; because I have only used it thrice and it’s paradise. Could there be some cons that I will find later? That, I will tell you when I experience it!
  • But for technicality stuff; watch the video on Instagram that Ebby and I did so she can show you how to use the Menstrual Cup.
  • There will be a nudge to give up on it the first time you try it and it doesn’t work out; don’t’ give up; it will work out and once it has; you will be dancing, dripping, and living to your true feminine divinity.

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By Wambui Ochieng'

Radical Feminist

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