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The male energy logos, the female pathos, Energies are available to all
People, in uneven balances of course since our egos and societal norms drive us to either inhibit one
energy or over exude the other.

This creates the society we have now and its established guidelines
on how to behave in accordance to one’s assigned sexual organ.

The presence of these energies should be experienced and explored rather than repressed. Am a
pisces, a dual star being, so I should know.

The dance between these is demanded for a society to exist in harmony.

In this dance, however,
one’s limits are often exceeded, and a battle of self usually arises.

The fight between sense and
insanity, red and blue, fire and water, like a volcano flowing into the ocean.

Let these experiences
show you how to navigate. Let yourself show yourself out of the mudhole.

Like quicksand, the best
thing is not to fight it. Let it be. Learn from the two fish dancing around each other.

The 69. The Ying
Yang. Master holding still. Master knowing not to take sides. You are both of you. You are you.

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