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I’ve always been the small girl. The skinny one with funny hands and big tits and “fish lips” I’ve always wanted to be bigger but well do we really own our bodies.

And so i ate…badly. I ate so badly id throw up…i mean i
wanted to be bigger,…not fat,…just bigger. Big enough to get noticed.

I longed for flesh,thighs,that skin that jingles on your arm. i wanted it….i didnt fit in…they called me skinny.

I moved out of high school and stopped caring but i still wanted them badly…it just wasn’t a priority though so that was okay…until i started adding weight…my cheeks became fuller (yeah even those ones) 😂😂😂….

i was growing,i was bigger…i got looked at, cute not so little bum was noticeable 😉😆…

but then it became almost too big and the self hate started all over again…

whats my jichoche,? Love!

Najichocha to love myself all over again

I mean this body,its what i wanted.

Jichoche. Love yourself
Thighs and all ❤

By Wambui Ochieng'

Radical Feminist

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