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By Monkey Lynn

Let’s start with Halloween. It was on Saturday, 31st October.

A friend of mine was doing a Halloween project and she requested Me to go model for her. And Me thought, Why not?

My Mask came as part of the Halloween costume and if you are wondering just how I looked, the photos will help you out.

I guess we are all set, Me, My Mask and Halloween.

The shoot was at Museum, it was a pretty lit shoot coz it was just the four of us drinking, smoking and taking pictures. That’s what we did the whole day…

It was getting late and we were to go eat then go home. But then we realized the taps were closed and I only had one piece of wipe, which would make the whole situation fucked up if I tried wiping off the paint. So, I was like fuck it I’ll just walk home like this or where I get water, I’ll wash it off…

Picture this, I was supposed to spend the night at a friend’s place. The relevance which will be revealed at the end of all this. So just sip on that mug of porridge.

The night pretty got interesting when everyone suggested we go to Klabu (a place where UON students go to eat) if you’ve been there trust me it’s always full. If i said no, my friends were gonna leave me so a better way was to walk with paint on your face is at least when you have company so yeah…

Pretty weird walking to Klabu then having to eat (ugali matumbo na avocado) with all eyes on me…anyway we were having fun since I met some of friends there and I had to remind them who I was. Damn! At that point am sure if I met my mom, I would have to introduce myself. Then walking all the way from Klabu to Imenti House meeting weird people calling names or shouting Halloween. My Lawd! I wanted to get home so badly. I ended up taking MSL coz it was the first mat I saw…

At least nilikaa mbele where nobody could look at me. I got off hapo Roysambu roundabout. It was about I got a bike to get me to my friend’s house and pretty weird how the bodaboda guys looked at me others laughing or calling names. I walked straight to the most silent one and asked him to take me where I was heading to and even though he was quiet, I was sure he was on pins and needles about my Mask.

I got to the gate, paid him then he started asking why am i walking with paint what does it mean and all that I tried explaining but poor guy he didn’t understand what Halloween was… He left.

It was pretty dark and not comforting knowing that two of the tenants had been robbed at that same spot and exact time. Worse off! The gate was locked. And hey, My phone had fucking gone off! A So, it was just me, My Mask and My Halloween memoir!

I decided to be patient for like 5 min to see if someone would show up but it took me more than 30min waiting. So, I decided to just throw my bag in coz I was a little bit scared so I took a stick and threw the bag in. Knocking bore no fruits.

I thought of knocking at the windows of some of the neighbors but how was I to explain who I was. Would they believe me if I told them… naah.

Cold and scared with no hope of anyone rescuing me there I was, just Me, My Mask and Halloween.

By Wambui Ochieng'

Radical Feminist

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