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May is international Menstrual Hygiene Month culminating in Menstrual Hygiene day on 28th May. Hope you spent it learning more about your menstrual cycle. While last year we dealt on issues, period shame, period poverty, instrument of choice, menstrual disorders et al. This year May was Femcare; taking care of yourself during your period.

We started you off with 12 General Feminine Hygiene Tips that every woman should know. Go read that article.

Since the world’s societies are made up of myths and misconceptions about menstruation, that are mostly spread by men who do not understand what menstruation is, we demystified them so unknowing women do not become victims. Rise up and understand that your period is power.

We also thought it necessary to give you secret tips for your menstruation so you can smell and feel nice during this powerful period. Read here.

UTIs are a common phenomenon in women’s lives and many of us do not understand how to deal with them. We explained what they are, their causes and how to prevent them. And the icing on the cake, we gave 10 home remedies that you can find in your kitchen which can help you prevent and treat UTIs.

May was Femcare

And because we don’t want you to think we are the experts, although we really, we want you to have a gynecologist who can help you through this. Someone who has education and experience in this. So we listed 12 reasons why you should have one.

Cervical cancer is becoming a major concern in the lives of women all over the world. It is the second cancer killer in women after breast cancer. So we took time to interview oncologists specialized in the matter and in article, explained what is HPV, Cervical Cancer and its vaccination. You do not want to miss that.

We are also living in an era where men and their governments all over the world want to control our bodies by deciding when we can have babies. We say this loud and clear for every one to hear, our bodies are ours, keep your hands off. Read more about abortion and the health concerns for any woman who procures one.

Here are bonus articles we wrote for you because you are the reason why we continue to do this every month.

My Experience with the menstrual Cup: Every Woman Deserves Dignified Periods

What Period Shame?

Painful Periods Are Not Normal. Know About Endometriosis?

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By Wambui Ochieng'

Radical Feminist

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