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Hellooooo! And welcome to this month’s topic that we are so excited to delve into.

Why this topic, you ask. Well, for starters, it’s a taboo topic! And there’s nothing we love more than taboos.

Second, the silence around this topic is too loud! Loud as the pain that more than half of the population goes through every once in a month!

While most people have taken a subtle way towards this topic, we will take the loudest and most conspicuous way we know how to.

So what should you except from this month?

First, except lots of red, pink, red, pink… You get it.

Some of the topics we will be discussing include instruments of choice, the issue of period shame as voiced out by many young girls around the world.

Most importantly, we will talk about period poverty, one of the reasons why most girls do not go to school and why some sell sex in exchange for pads.

Of course we will be revolting against this given it continues the oppression of women worldwide.

Thus we ask, why the fuck are sanitary pads or any menstrual products for sale? Which genius thought to benefit and make a profit from the pain of women?

Well, there you have it folks. Follow through the month to see how we do it! And hey, your contribution will be highly appreciated as well as you feedback!

Parting shot! Paint this world, Red!!

By Wambui Ochieng'

Radical Feminist

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