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Kenyans do you know Maumau Rebellion was the greatest Rebellion war ever fought in Africa??

Do y’all know how great Dedan Kimathi was?
until his death by hanging, from 1952-1957.
When Malcolm X heard about the Mau Mau liberation movement he was greatly inspired in the power of resistance. He later described the Mau Mau as “the greatest freedom fighters in Africa”

It was the greatest, that in 1940s,Marcus Garvey used to sneak negroes movement news paper to Kenya, where Kenyan children were to cram then translate to the elderly people..
Through that, They were able to Later form a màu mau force that was comprised of intelligent men and warriors…

British colonial forces executed Dedan Kimathi, one of the fiercest anti-colonial African revolutionaries and freedom fighters whose struggle brought independence to the nation of Kenya, and Duped Kenyans by Handpicking an imposter and a Friend of the British Mzee Jomo Kenyatta who never fought for shit to be the President of Kenya!

How we Don’t have Dedan Kimathi day in Kenya beats my logic!
Countries like Nigeria, SA and Zim know and celebrate Dedan more than we Kenyans do!
Dedan Kimathi fought for this country so hard but in the end, Jomo Kenyatta Betrayed him and all the other freedom fighters, but seems like Kenyans are not ready to have this conversation!

By Taabu

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