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She left 

Said she could not love a she

It was not proper

In her religion

Her daddy was a pastor

Her mama the faithful wife

On whose matrimonial bed

Our breasts first touched


On her father’s altar

I worshiped at her hips

The sin

She savored with her lips

And cleansed her hands

With holy water

We lit a candle

To find ‘Jesus’’

Crucifix watching us


The Holy Grail broke

The curtain tore

The ark of tabernacle dropped

And the covenant abandoned

Hell’s fire

Raged within the Chapel

Igniting all dead embers


Eyes rolled in ecstasy  


In tears

Hands clasping face

Demeanor chagrin

In the wee hours

She left

 I felt

The earth part beneath my feet

Gemini Spice 


By Gemini Spice

Creative And Vivacious Poet

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