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Happy new year to you too!

If you are reading this, it means you are part of the Gemini Spice Magazine family that is one of the biggest reasons we keep doing what we love to do; searching our minds and souls and relating to our shared experiences on this earth.

First of all, thank you, and second of all, keep doing it, that shit is amazing!

Last year was a good year for Gemini Spice Magazine albeit the break we took to strategize and the financial problems that come from the newness of this venture. Still, we keep going and hope and know that in time, we will change this story. Soon I am sure.

In February 2021, we released our first Issue, We Will Survive Covid and we were amazed at the support that you showed us. We didn’t know you loved us that much. WWSC was the first among many issues that we will disperse as long as the name Gemini Spice Magazine exists. That will be a long time, your grandchildren will know and love this name.

Great news! We have released the soft copy for you to read for free!!! Isn’t that just amazing? We think so. So, click right here on this link and you will read the compiled Covid experiences of 22 people from all around the world who shared through Art, Poetry, Reflections, and Photo stories.

Last year, we began to do monthly themes where we get a specific topic related to the goals of Gemini Spice Magazine and explore it with articles, interviews, surveys, poetry, photography, and different kind of art. Expect that we will talk about women’s careers, women’s hearts, motherhood, women’s rights, women’s pleasure. I particularly can’t wait to do another Women History Month in March.

Don’t know the goals of Gemini Spice Magazine? Well, we got an article telling you exactly how we re-tell the stories of African Women right here.

This year, we will strengthen this strategy and engage you as much as we can because we do care about your thoughts and ideas so keep talking to us about what you’d like to read and watch. Have you checked us out on YouTube? We are also on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

If you are still confused about how we Re-tell The stories of Afrikan Women and the work that we do, read this article on our website.

Have you checked out our latest website design? How about you rate us right here? We appreciate that!

We are also very keen on forging partnerships with people who are interested in pushing for women’s rights and amplifying the voices of women are Kenya, Africa, and beyond. If you are among this group of people, reach out to us and we will take down the patriarchy together; we don’t care how big or small you think you are, we just want to work together!

We still want more writers on our team so don’t feel shy to email us and create a repository of your work on our Website.

Check out our page on creative collaborations so you can see all the different ways you can collaborate with us. Don’t worry if the category you are looking for is not there, you can still get on board by emailing us at

We are excited to begin the 2022 journey and I hope you too are in sharing the journey with us. So let’s do this again! Cheers boo!

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By Wambui Ochieng'

Radical Feminist

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