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History was made in Eldoret on Friday the 11th of December 2020 when Lame the Movie’s premiere filled up two halls at Rupa’s Mall Eldoret.

“I am really glad we finally got to showcase Lame after six years,” said a cheerful Cosmas Bii, the producer of Lame after the first screening.

Lame revolves around a pair, Lame and Tasha who are trying to present their proposal to a group of sponsors for funding but struggle to do so as Lame’s clumsiness and bad timing keeps getting in the way. From spilling tea on Tasha to pushing her into a pool of mud, this movie kept the audience not only entertained, rib-cracked but also set a standard for how Kenyan movies are produced and celebrated by their own.

Directed by the acclaimed director Joan Rispa Kiragu whose work is commendable in other films such as Detox which won a Kalasha Award, The First Date, The Morning After, Numb and others, Lame debuted Lead Actress, Qui Gitonga alongside Octavius Onyango, known for his prowess in theatre. Speaking after the event, an ecstatic Joan had no words to say after breaking ground with yet another Kalasha-deserving film.

“It’s a new experience, I was nervous the whole day but am no longer nervous.” A delighted and famous-with-the-ladies-for-the-moment Octavius remarked.

There’s a tendency for Kenyans to fail showing up for their filmmakers, but this was not the case this time as Lame’s cast and production team attested. “I think we underestimated the Eldoret market and the potential of people to show up,” said Njema Kelvin who played Lame’s friend and was also part of the marketing team.

“Today, I love what people did. There’s something about people’s reaction and your performance…Man Eldoret, nyi ni wasee wa nguvu!” responded Qui Gitonga promising to bring more ecstatic films to the Kenyan Film scene.

And the audience reception cannot be ignored.

Lame screened after rigorous marketing through social media, local Kenyan radios and Tv stations culminating the yearly Eldoret Film Festival established in 2017. Efforts returned!

Cast and production teams speaking of show-casing Lame a few more times in different cities and towns, so don’t you worry, if you didn’t catch Lame at the premiere, you will get a chance to in your own city, hold your horses. Maybe Nairobi next?

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By Wambui Ochieng'

Radical Feminist

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