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Many similarities exist between the oppression of women and the destruction of mother earth.

To lose a child is to lose purpose, to lose a mother, is to be helpless.

The destruction of the planet, the gross murders of women, killing of children and the eruption of incurable diseases are the result of killing our mother.  

The end of the world is here. Literally.

Humans have been destroying mother earth just like a child curses their mother’s well-being right from conception to death.

Being a mother is both a blessing and a curse and there is none that know this like mother earth and your mother.

Right from when human beings were created out of the image and likeness of nature, we have been more than a scourge to the planet.

And right from when God blessed your mother with your presence and breath, you have been killing her every day right from biting her breast.

Traditional societies abided by the sacred law of nature where human beings coexisted with plants, animals, the cosmic bodies and respected every river and every change of the moon.

Enter Anthropocentrism

Instead of being on top of the food chain where we have placed ourselves with no regard for the destiny of our planet or posterity, these societies let the procession of the sun guide their farming habits and instead of changing the course of the river, they let the current be their clock.

Come the industrial revolution where everything turns to shit. If you think about what you don’t like in our society, the point where human beings leave their animal nature and start the process of civilization, its right after the world wars.

War is usually the turning point for any society. After war, those who have power (the ones who caused the war) take advantage of people who are usually in a state of shock and fear, unable to make decisions.

Thus, the power mongers create a ‘safe haven’ for the people and the people agree to destroy the planet- working for pennies while the former make profits off their backs. The industrial revolution began the destruction of mother earth and anything with the likeness of nature.

Over the past century, we have turned from respecters of nature to ungrateful children who have spat on the faces of their mothers- Disregarded the woman whose vagina we emanated.

When we come into this world, we leave the womb of our first individual mother and enter that of our collective mother, mother earth.

Think about it, the earth is spherical just like your mother’s womb. While as a baby you swim in the amnion of your mother while the fluid survives you, in the earth, we live inside a sac called planet earth and her rivers survive us.

Since the industrial revolution, we have continually bitten the breast of our mothers. Instead of the seasons guiding how we will plant and feed our families, we developed fertilizers to make the land productive at all times and that’s the same thing with GMOs. She is wearing out.

We decided to change the course of our planet.

Look at the world now. Full of buildings and factories that have damaged the crust, cleared off our trees and began to deplete the ozone layer. The fucking president of the super power says climate change and global warming are a joke.

We continue to clear forests on our earth, we are losing our water catchment areas. Our rivers which are our lives, are drying up. What’s a river without a source?

Human beings have lost our way. We have part ourselves from nature. From the mother whose dust is our body.

We were created from mother earth. We are all her children. And animals and plants are our siblings. Just like we were molded from the ground, plants sprouted from the same. Everything on our body is a representation of nature.

Our bodies are the crust. Don’t forget the same 70% of water in the earth is the same as that in our bodies and plants. The circle of life is imprinted on our bodies and rather than protect it, we have been destroying it.

The destruction of mother earth continues, and women who are the replicas of our earth are dying. It’s no longer easy for the earth to hold her children.

Right now, more than ever, the number of women being killed in the world- by their husbands, their children, in sexual trafficking, in sexual violence and in rape is staggering.

Reported cases in the world show that three women die every day from domestic violence. If 3 women die a day, then close to 1200 women die yearly from battering. And that’s just the global estimate.

The earth is an organism, not just a habitat in which human beings exist in.

The ideal way to treat our mother is give back to her as much as she has given.

We should plant more trees and pull down these stupid buildings which have only alienated us from each other creating a hostile society and increasing the crime rate.

As a child, it is difficult to give back to your mother, I know this. My mother abandoned all her dreams so she could have me and my stupid siblings yet there are many times that she has cried because of us. We are all ingrates.

Just like the earth, she has rained and even then, she heals our barren lands and restores us.

Mother earth has been torn apart by her children.

My grandfather warned me not to sweep too much of the crust away when I was young. I didn’t get it, I just wanted to sweep off the soil so that the ground would remain clean. I was only eroding the crust that we call ground.

And we continually do this. The earth has a literal tear, on the crust and in the ozone layer. That is our fault. It’s a snake eating its tail. And we are actively doing this.

You want to know what hell is? How about eroding the crust so much that we reach to the core? How about depleting the ozone so much that the sun burns us? Picture it. Fire coming from both the sky and the core, we are finished!

Our social relations are cracked- The second wound of our mother. No mother likes to see her children fight, right? Imagine how mother earth feels as we use her resources to make guns and nuclear weapons which destroys her children? How she feels when we poach animals and clear her forests to replace them with buildings.

When a child dies, her mother experiences a sharp pain on her lower abdomen and a heaviness in her chest. Look at our earth as a living breathing organism that is our entire being as a created species, and you will see just how the earth feels.

That’s why she gets angry sometimes and quakes violently. Sometimes she roars deep in her core and thick magma accumulated over the years ejects from her, breaking fissures and venting.

We are of the earth and that is a task and a privilege. The earth is well equipped to feed and accommodate us just fine, there is no population crisis, just a humanity crisis.

The earth gives too much and if we can give some back her back, she will continue to give. But if we destroy her just like Hitler and Mendel infested women’s vaginas with chemicals during the holocaust, our mother will die.

And when she dies, she will take us away because we are created from her. She will die and human beings won’t have a place to call home.


Photo credit: David J Rodger

By Wambui Ochieng'

Radical Feminist

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