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#justiceforSheila has been a trending hashtag on twitter and other social media platforms for the past two days. Sheila Lumumba was found dead in their apartment in Karatina, Nyeri. According to the autopsy report.

“Sheila was gang raped, stabbed, their leg broken and their head hit and then murdered by six men who broke into their house”.

Njeri Wa Migwi tweeted.

Sheila was a non-binary lesbian and part of the LGBTQ community. In a country where gay sex and marriage is still illegal, the community has faced stigmatization, discrimination, raped and even murdered!

Sheila’s murder has sparked a lot of anger from Kenyans who really want to see justice this time being served.

“@DCI Kenya, those inhuman creators responsible  shouldn’t roam in this country unpunished”,

tweeted Mary K..

Some reports claimed that their cylinder gas was missing to make the case seem like a robbery gone wrong.

This is Damaris Muthee. #JusticeForSheila

Its been less than a week since Damaris Muthee, a Kenyan born and Bahraini based athlete was found dead in her boyfriend’s apartment in Iten,Lilies Estate.

Damaris was strangled to death and sources claim that her boyfriend Koi Fai, an Ethiopian athlete, called the neighbour to tell him that he had killed his girlfriend. The boyfriend has been missing since then and her justice is still denied.

Justice delayed is justice denied, Damaris murder has happened barely seven months and a kilometre away, after,Agnes Tirop Agnes another Kenyan athlete was found dead!. Tirop was a world record holder, she was stabbed in the neck by her husband/lover who is in custody but denied killing her.

People are calling on the government and Human Rights activist groups to help Sheila and other women who were murdered ruthlessly get justice  after this atrocious thing was committed to them.

In a homophobic state and a vastly major patriarchal society, women are hoping for justice to be served and murders of these women doesn’t turn into statistics and one of the many trending hashtags created.

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