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i’m just hoping that this too shall pass.

if i come out of this i will be a stronger person than i was before.

something has definitely changed in me and i feel like a new person.

i am willing to quit some of the habits that i picked along the way and be a better person.

i will not go back.

i mean its only been a week but i feel like it has been the longest time of my life.

in this one week i have learnt what heartache is coz i have felt it inside my bones.

in this week i have cried more tears than i have half the year.

in this one week i have felt pain and oblivion that comes with sorrow.

i have missed the bright flowers and rainbows.

i have felt a hollow in my soul.

in this week i have realized that i too could go through shit that i never expected.

and i am praying that i overcome.

i have felt the weight of age.

i have felt lonely, weak and sick to my intestines.

i have lost the will power i collected in this twenty years.

in this week i have walked through hell and back.

i faced the devil and came out with a smile.

i have known what feeling alone in a multitude feels like.

i have known that repercussions exist.

i have touched agony with my lips.

i have watched my fingers shake.

i have been treated like garbage.

i have felt the taste of sweat in my throat.

i have walked under rain and felt it no more.

i have seen my life fade into nothingness.

i have missed my face on the mirror and failed to hear my own voice.

i have collected my million pieces of life.

i have seen a human being turn into a monster.

this has been the worst week of my entire life.

but i still wont give up.

i will hold on to this little thread of hope,

that flicker of light i see from far,

that distant voice,

that smile that is a thousand years away.

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By Wambui Ochieng'

Radical Feminist

8 thoughts on “just a week”
  1. life is full of ups and downs,…but the joy of it is seeing the smiles beneath their frowns….
    Romans 8:28..all things work for their good of those who Love Him.
    It’s all over,trash the negatives and treasure the lessons you got from the experience .
    You are special.:)
    you’ll live to testify… can’t wait to hear how your new week turns out.

  2. As we grow we find ourselves on roads we never anticipated.
    Sometimes we find ourselves in pits and we wonder how we got in the pits.
    As we grow we make mistakes, we falter, we make choices – some of which we end up regretting.
    But life’s a book; we are writing our own stories.
    In writing there are mistakes, that’s why there is an eraser.
    To clear the mistakes and rewrite the story.

    Life is a complicated phase
    You would feel like u r losing faith, After all u’ve had to face
    But in every book, you can always turn the page.

    Don’t you worry about right now, because tomorrow you’ll be able to smile.
    Because it gets better, so much BETTER!

    This is your story
    Make it a best seller

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