July is for…Feminist Power!!!

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July is here our lovelies! And while the cold is Nairobi and Kenya threatens our survival, the cold is also an opportunity for rejuvenation and strength!

I find that while I greatly detest the cold to a level I could start a protest or a petition to the God of Women to remove this cold, its when ideas storm my brain, rock me up at night and hit me like a wave.

The 3-day generation equality forum in Paris (ooh baby!) ends today and while I will detail an article to tell you about the forum that our president, Mr. Kenyatta attended and committed to make actual strides towards achieving gender equality in Kenya, it is time for us feminists to see how we can ensure that this movement actually makes sense for the people whose lives it was meant to improve.

I am glad to be a feminist! I am proud that this Gemini Spice is a feminist magazine (btw we will be rebranding soon so our feminist energy can be felt through-out the website and our activities) and that we have and are on the way to giving a voice to the voiceless, rallying women to know our power, advancing women’s rights, reveal feminist literature and leave a legacy that future feminists will be proud to be associated with!

This month we will do this theme like we have never done before. If its giving an ode to feminist predecessors like Wangari Maathai, Winnie Mandela, Leymah Gowbee, Taytou of Ethiopia and others, you will never get tired of hearing from us.

Additionally we want to bring this considered-bourgeoise ideology to the common woman, a woman who sells groceries, a girl in school- and perhaps this will take a long time, but we are on the way.

So join us this month, get ready to be educated, talk to us and let us know your thoughts and we will be putting out a poster for our monthly submissions. You really want to be a part of this!

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