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Double tap, double tap, pass, double tap

Mhh he’s hot, nice beard! Double tap.
She’s sexy, that’s a big bum! Double tap.

These houses are just breathtaking and that car is hella posh,
These pants are so fancy and that dress is simply heavenly,
That neck piece seems so expensive and her hair is just goals,
So,,Double tap!

Think I’ll pass on this one though,
The lighting is horrible and the angle is mediocre,
That outfit is so 1900 and the pose is dumb,
That caption is overrated and the background is whack,
So,,Pass,, next!

That’s a bad photo, poor quality, next!
Terrible caption, even worse choice of emojis, next!

I wish I could say that’s a great personality, double tap
Or maybe that’s all about good vibes,
Double tap
But instead I’m stuck looking at nice faces,
Forced to awe at Victoria secret outfits,
Double tap
Wishing I had that vacay home by the beach,
Double tap
But lemme tell you a secret Victoria, it’s all a facade,, Double tap!

I wish I could say you’re a fake so,
Or maybe see that you’re secretly malicious, scandalous, spiteful,,, so not cool
But instead I’m stuck snearing at your whack background
Forced to see your poorly fitting clothes,
Wishing you had better selfie taking techniques,
But here’s the truth sweetheart, go big or don’t post,, Next!

See,, looking at my screen I see
Color; black or white
People; beautiful, humbled
Status; rich, poor
Its either Fancy or plain
I see difference!

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