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It’s time.

Oh, yes! It’s time.

Humanity has run shortage of kindness for quite sometime and right
now, I don’t think patience can work.

The pandemic has made skeletons more visible and the
closet doors are broken. So yes it’s time for a change.

It’s time to be human; to be kind and
mindful. It’s time to exist because we deserve to be here no matter who we are or where we are.

It’s not time to play God.

People are dying and people will still die if we continue like this. It’s no
way to live in this beautiful planet that we are blessed to be at. So let’s join nature in nurturing

As you take care of your people and your space, remember others. Be one with that person
you can’t think about. It’s time. If not now, then when? When will we stop putting culture over
life? When will religion cease to be weaponized?

When will skin colour not bear pain, stereotypes and worth?

When will sexual orientation be comfortable and as colorful as it is?

When will women not cry because of the men they birth?

When will people be people and not a minority or a majority? When will we learn?

Everything now has been there before, why don’t we learn from
history? How are we so advance in technology and still not progressive in our thoughts? It’s time,
yes, it’s time to fuel the growth. No matter where you begin, you just need to know it’s time.

By 13elle

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