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The six-action coalitions launched at the generation equality forum held in Paris from 30th June to 2nd July are as follow:

  1. Gender-Based Violence
  2. Economic justice and rights
  3. Bodily autonomy and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR)
  4. Feminist action for climate justice
  5. Technology and innovation for Gender Equality
  6. Feminist movements and leadership

Kenya is co-leading the Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Action Coalition alongside the U.K, Uruguay, and Iceland as member states; the European Union; Ford Foundation, civil society, and private sector partners.

During the Generation Equality Forum, Kenyatta made commitments to the world about ending gender-based violence by 2026 and presented a policy brief: Kenya’s Roadmap to ending GBV by 2026.

2026? Really Mr. President? And ending FGM by 2022? You must be kidding me or thinking Kenyan women too stupid!

Let’s Review These Action Coalition and Realize Its All Gender-Based Violence

What the fuck is Gender Based Violence? We have been led to believe that it is physical violence perpetrated by men against women. But look at the words clearly; Gender. Based. Violence.

Do you see it? Its basically violence based on gender. One is violated a particular because of their gender. And this GBV can occur in many forms.

Some of these forms include:

  • The denial of women to access education by marrying us off when we are young. Case in point, girls in Pokot who are removed from school from as young as age 9 to get married to old men which introduces the second form of GBV
  • FGM because for these young children to satisfy the low self-esteem of these Pokot men and ensure them that they will not cheat, they must be mutilated. Their sexual organs, organs that give us pleasure must be removed which lead me to third form of GBV
  • The denial of women’s pleasure and this happens through rape. And rape is not a bodaboda guy, rusty and smelly forcing a woman in the bush! NO! It is the hyper-sexualization of babies that lead to defilement. It is the naming of a woman a slut for her right over her body. It is a man crying after he has been ‘denied’ sex. Its dowry that makes it impossible for a woman to say NO to the sexual wants of her husband. It is the refusal of society to give justice to a woman who a man raped when she was drunk. It is the normalization of rape and infantilization of men as an unaccountable for the violence they force on us. It is mother’s treatment of their sons as children too much that they expect every woman to mother them. It is the denial of justice when women report rape. Its sex trafficking! It is the shaming of women sex toys. Rape is what keeps in us check and in fear.
  • The fourth form of GBV and is related to the third is the denial of women to have rights over our bodies. It is the Catholic’s church denial of contraceptive use. It is society’s denial of vasectomy and any male contraceptive excepts condoms which many men never like to use. I have heard stories of men who have pulled out condoms when having sex with women. It is the denial of abortion as a last resort and convincing women that our bodies belong to men. Thus, we should have their babies no matter. It is religion stupefying women that we came from a rib!
  • The fifth of GBV is the denial of women to have economic rights. The denial of fathers to give their daughters inheritance in form of land or finances. It is the lack of pay for jobs done by women including care work which if done outside the bounds of marriage, require pay. It is that some women do not possess signature yet they have babies. It is that women do not have bank accounts and that our businesses are under our husband’s names. Its that women do not know how to negotiate salaries when we get jobs. It is that most women are scared of possessing money. It is that women do not financial literacy coz courses home sciences are prioritized more than business studies in girls’ schools. It is that women fear to have too much money that men will refuse to marry us. It’s the criminalization of sex work. It is dowry! It’s marriage!  It is that men have made unsafe for women outside the home that women fear leaving their homes to go work.
  • The sixth form of GBV is that being a feminist is being a bad woman and the patriarchy that truly understands what feminism is, has fooled women to believe that feminism is a bad thing because they know that once women understand what feminism is, we will no longer be under this spell. It is that the patriarchy ensured that women become mini-men by forming a system that changed the concepts of femininity. It is that men inform women on how to be women! It is the continued stupefying of women by men through fairy tales, soap operas, promises of love, weddings, babies, religion, burning of witches and creating a society where women only listen to the voice of men and deny our own. It is being fashioned in the image of men.
  • The seventh form of GBV is that Kenya has never been led by a woman and now just think how many countries share in this calamity. How many women are part of the G5? Or G20? How many companies are led by women? How many international companies have been started by women? How many women have not been promoted as CEOs even if they were better than their male counterparts? How many Governors do we have in Kenya who are women? When will we fucking have a woman leading this country? Because we have had four male presidents who have just failed our country! Cyclical politics are what we need, politics of care that always ensures there’s more where that came from. We need a chama to lead our country and that’s exactly Gaddafi thought in his Green Book.
  • The eighth must be technology and innovation for Gender Equality! Ah! My dears, that one is given we will achieve it. The internet and digital technologies are a woman’s product. The connectivity of networks is just like the cycles of women. Who better to understand these cycles, this interconnectivity than us? Just believe and do it, this is a woman’s craft. Only us can understand the internet, coding and all these technologies because they were started by a woman. But men, like always stole our ideas and made it their own. And because they have convinced us to think like mini-men, ideas that are really just us, become difficult for us to understand. Thus, just go back to your feminine nature and technology and innovation will simply flow into you!
  • The ninth is feminist action for climate justice. The only words I have for this is that Mother earth is the mother of all women, the biggest feminist principle we have and everything that affects women, has already affected us. Wangari Maathai understood this best. We come from one woman’s womb, our mother and then live our entire lives in the womb of mother earth. Everything we do to women; we do to mother earth.
  • And finally now, lets talk about physical violence that which is called GBV because no one want to accept the reality that men batter women to death. Lets call it Femicide because that is what it is. It is attempted murder every time a stinky man puts his filthy hands on a woman as an act of ‘punishment.’ Mostly because the woman has demanded accountability and responsibility but the low self-esteem of men cannot allow a woman to be right.

Now Let’s See How Kenya Plans on Eradicating GBV by 2026

In this document presented at the generation equality forum, Kenya outlined ‘concrete actions’ that I will outline below. I urge to read this document.

  1. Financing: Kenya commits to increasing resource allocation, sustaining the current allocation in FY2020/2021
  • Leadership and Accountability: Kenya commits to developing an accountability framework for tracking expenditure on the allocated resources for ending all forms of GBV and FGM, and an indicator in the government Performance contracting framework
  • Laws and Policy: By ratification and implementation of laws and conventions. Kenya commits to ratifying and implementing the ILO Convention 190 on elimination of Gender-Based Violence and Harassment in the world of work by 2026, in close partnership with the private sector.
  • Data: Kenya commits to introducing a module on GBV in the 2022 Kenya Demographic Health Survey and developing a GBV management and information system by 2022.
  • Service Delivery: Kenya commits to incorporating GBV prevention and response service provision in the essential minimum package of the Universal Health Coverage UHC by 2022 and scaling up the national police service integrated response to GBV (‘Policare’1). In addition, Kenya commits to establishing Gender-Based Violence Recovery Centers and shelters in all 47 counties by 2026.

Let’s Ask the Difficult Questions

Is it really possible to end GBV by 2026 and FGM by 2022? Of course not! In a country where the name feminism and gender equality sound like insults to women and men, how do we do that?

Second, where is these 23 million investments in gender equality and 1 million dollars in for research and innovation that Kenyatta promised?

How does Gemini Spice Magazine get it to advance women rights with the five-year plan we have designed? How does Sikimyii get it to create our GBV app and fund our research?

By Wambui Ochieng'

Radical Feminist

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