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And maybe if I once charmed you with poetry
Again I shall
Time is wasting
Bahamas has to be this year
I write these letters
In a bid
To bring you home
Let’s begin a new
Bring back
Those stolen moments
We are free now my darling
Lemme spice up your smile
Once more
Lemme charm your mornings
With yellow roses
Windowsill whispers
I know
It’s hard to chase a Libra
Come let’s fall in love again
I loved you more
It’s evident
But you felt it
One time
Why can’t you another time
I told you eight years
And we would see Bahamas
I still believe
Come August
At the airport
I shall wait
Holding two tickets
Bring me a yellow smile

By Gemini Spice

Creative And Vivacious Poet

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