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Ever since word got out that I’m gay
I’ve been so famous
People ask to take gay pictures with me
Others want to talk gay language with me
Some wanna watch gay movies with me
And maybe eat gay food later
After all it’s cool to be gay right?

some are disgusted though
Trashing and throwing knives at me
But I should get used to that
I’m gay right?
I’ve lost some people…
They meant something to me
Something I won’t ever get
Unfortunately those bonds were under non disclosure
It sucks
And as sad as that makes me feel
I guess I should not have expected much
I knew I’m gay right?

I can no longer go to church
Or a lot of family events
I have to make up excuses so my friends don’t feel cornered to have to deal with me around their people
I wish I could walk a day without a nasty comment or a vomit filled stare
But not everything is all bad
I met my people and they are cool
Very queer and I’m happy

I just wish I could make it better for my parents
My grandparents and my little one
I didn’t know it costs so much to be happy
I mean why am I even here?
I’m human before I’m gay but that doesn’t even matter right?
Humanity is all behind us
And lables are all that matters
Who cares about happiness
Let’s maintain the image of a society

By 13elle

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