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That I should scissor my locks
Instead of my girlfriend
That I should be more quiet
Ain’t good for a woman
With a voice
Be more soft
For who will marry you?
Like I said I wanted a prison

Wear more skirts and dresses
You dress like a man
I will skirt, suit and dress
Whenever and however I please
My femininity is mine to define

Smile more in pictures
Smile more to men
Use my buttocks and tits
Rather than my wits
It’s rough they say

Have kids earlier
Or my eggs will be ossified
For what is your womb for
Cook for your man
Less he leaves you for another
More tiptoeing and whispering

If it was a competition
Believe me I wouldn’t dare sign up
I lost already
The shoes don’t fit

Pout in photos
Show em the merchandise
I ain’t got big boobs though
And the ass reduces with age
And hey more I grow
More the sags
more the wrinkles
If he loved the ovacados on chest
and pumpkins behind
Won’t he stop when they grow old
When am no longer just young
Only beautiful?

The creativity of my body
Is just divine
I am a woman
A creator
The lips, the eyes, the face
To be worshipped
The hips don’t lie
Neither do the thighs
Sexual glorification
No objectification
Goddess I tell you

They don’t get why
Polish on one hand
Why no bra
Why pink or black
It’s a punk
Why feminism or death
Why mind over matter
Why soul and mind
Over looks and smiles
They don’t get
I won’t explain

By Gemini Spice

Creative And Vivacious Poet

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