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If I told you I dreamt of his touch the entire night
You’d think me a liar
I think me insane
When I turn on the bed
And he ain’t there
But in my dreams
He was alive in the flesh
Next to me

I wake up
A tear in my eye
Stare up the ceiling and let it flow
From my eyes to the pillow
Then I close my eyes
And try to remember the last time
I felt the warmth of his embrace
That cuts through the cold of my skin
And the empty of my heart

I miss the rough of his skin against my fingertips
I miss his tight embrace behind me
The rhythm of his breath on my neck
The way he smelled
The way he rubbed my back

It’s been months since my skin
Closed up on another’s
Its been month since me body
collapsed in another’s
Its been eons since my ears
Listened to sweet lies
Beneath the sheets
It’s seems forever since
I accessed my inner baby
Someone’s baby

I want to be touched
In all these places that
Someone to touch
all the sorrow
At the center of my heart
Touched by the
boyish charm
of a man I call African King
I want to be touched

By Gemini Spice

Creative And Vivacious Poet

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