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…that eats and talks.

I am neither woman nor man therefore do not treat me as such.
You see breasts and think that I am a woman,

I must wash the dishes, feed the chickens, wash the children, harvest osuga and cook it with zeal,
Then in the evening, whether it be icy cold or boiling hot, my pussy must be clean in case you want

to de-stress in it.

You see a bulge in my shorts and think I am a man,
I must be up at the light of dawn, despite the rain,

To milk the cows,

Go down the valley and up the hill to fetch water,

Despite the scorching sun,
Weed the garden and slash the grass,

Despite my fear of snakes and the pitch black darkness, check what is making that noise by the


I must not cry because it is said I am to be as solid as the rock of Gibraltar.

I am just a body,

With breasts and a penis tucked in the folds of my flesh
I am neither man nor woman, therefore do not treat me as such.
You saw blood red rivers during a full moon and thought I was a woman.

I must lactate and nurture, so that the children know how to greet their elders and do not pick their

nose and put the small and savoury mucus balls in their mouth.
You saw small white pools at the edge of morning woods and thought I was a man.
I must come pre-loaded with the ability to deal with the plumber, the carpenter, and the electrician.

You forget that I am just a body that eats and shits,

… that eats and talks,
…that eats and fucks,

…that eats and laughs and dances in sorrow and cries in joy,
I am neither woman nor man, therefore do not treat me as such.


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