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Have you checked out our new website design? We have a really amazing new design which is stealing hearts away, have we stolen yours too?

As we are re-branding to relaunch this Magnifique Magazine, we want it to be a place where our readers call home, a space where you can relate to the stories we write, to the dreams we hold dear.

First things first, this Magazine is called Gemini Spice Magazine because the founder is a Spicy Gemini and what better way to leave your mark in this world?

Gemini Spice Magazine is the first product of Gemini Spice Studios and is a feminist magazine where we aim to re-tell the stories of African Women. I know, you are wondering, ‘Re-Tell’?

Yes, we re-tell because we realize we live in a patriarchal culture in which men have been the ones to tell the stories of women. And just like when White people tell the stories of Black people, there will always be a disconnect between the story and reality. Moreso, there is no accuracy in a story when its not from a lived experience. Just as Africans need to tell their stories, much more do women. That’s the core reason why we are re-telling herstory.

Our vision is to see a world where women define femininity for ourselves and where we thrive in this true and free womanhood.

So how do we tell these stories? Here are 10 Ways Gemini Spice Magazine is Re-Telling The Stories of African Women.

  • We are the home for women’s thoughts and literary work.
If you are a writer who is bursting with passion for writing, then Gemini Spice Magazine will publish and preserve your work, giving you all the credit you deserve. We also accept art pieces and photography from artists.
  • We dedicate monthly series to discuss Issues close to the hearts of women.
Do you want to know more about finances and business? Do you need to understand your menstrual cycle? Every month, we will discuss a topic that will enable you thrive in your womanhood. What’s more, you can suggest a topic that you want discussed.

We remind, preserve and celebrate the glorious past and present of women for a more glorious future.

Did you know that Wangu Wa Makeri was the only female chief of Kikuyu land when Colonialists first came to Africa? Did you know that the Battle of Adwa, in which Ethiopians stood firm against the Italians, was organized by Tatou, the Empress of Ethiopia? No? Well, now you know.

  • We present News of African Women.
You will find out information about women on our pages. Be it the inauguration of first woman as Chief Justice in Kenya or the woman who just won the Gold medal in the Olympics.
  • We are at the front line of advocating for the rights of women.
Don’t you just agree that its barbaric for women to buy sanitary pads while our blood is just natural? Which genius came up with this?
  • We document the struggles and successes of current Afrikan Feminists.
We are aware that we are currently creating the past of the future and we want the next generation of feminists to know the milestones we achieved.
  • We partner with and organize women-led and focused projects.

If you have any project in mind, we should be first on your partner list.

  • We publish career opportunities, advice and money-matters on our website and social media pages.
We believe that women must flourish in their businesses and we will assist in making your dreams come true.
  • We feature and advertise women-led businesses on our website at an affordable fee.
Have you just started your own business and still don’t have an online presence? Or would you like your business to feature in multiple places? Why don’t try our site?
  • Finally, we also insist that African women must live luxuriously and happily.
All work and no play makes Wambui a dull girl. We have a self-care column where we give you tips on how to unwind. We also talk about fashion and travel so the African boss lady can go for vacations and take care of her inner child.

We are very excited to re-launch our Magazine and continue the work we started 2020. We cannot do it alone. We need your help.

Read our content, share, follow us, tell your friends about us and keep this dream burning!

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By Wambui Ochieng'

Radical Feminist

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