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There is no doubt that this year has been a musical one for East Africa. We have had comebacks from prodigal sons, new acts, and better performances by the popular musicians. They have taken us to other worlds with their hits and created a name for East Africa that will not be forgotten anytime soon.

  1. MY DARLING (Chameleon ft. Elani)


Jose Chameleon has been the pride of Uganda and East Africa because of the way he has stood by the African music. So now he comes to Kenya and joins Elani, and they produce a song that is sweet and sad at the same time.  Who does not love a sad love story? Their vocals are amazing and have you seen their clad in the video; so lively.

The video has an equally sad part 2.


  1. SWEET LOVE (Akothee Ft. Diamond)


Well, this song raised the emotions out of everyone. Akothe teams with diamond and amazes the entire East Africa with their melody. The audacious nature of Akothe and the Luo tune is fantastic and sets the mood for diamond’s soft Swahili tunes.


  1. AJE (Ali Kiba)


The blues of the year! Ali Kiba releases a song that will make you remember your ex and call her telling her that she is the only one for you! Oh God! So emotional!

The video is quite expensive making every girl want to be the one being told ‘aje.’

I just wish they didn’t have to speak English… come on…

  1. AFRICA (Sauti Sol ft. Yemi Alade)



Two of Africa’s hottest acts this year team up to make us more proud of our motherland. It is the sexy Yemi Alade (she is so hot in this clip) and Sauti Sol singing about Africa comparing it to the other big cities we might think are better but east or west…

  1. 6. SHIGANA


Rabbit plays out the world scene when it comes to the importance of money. I mean all we are ever asking is ‘shigana?’(How much is it?).  It is the realest song so far and especially in Kenya.  Money is all we are ever thinking about.

  1. NOW YOU KNOW (Nyashinski)


Kenyan’s prodigal son goes a long way to explaining why he was missing from the Kenyan musical scene in a way that has never been done before. All of us had missed Nyashinski (how many can actually pronounce that name without having to think about it?) from his days in Kleptomaniax. He proves to us once again that he is the same talented artist we loved when we were younger!

And he hasn’t left us with that one, check out his other tunes, e.g., Letigo, Mungu pekee, etc.


  1. KAMATIA CHINI (Navy Kenzo)


This was the song that confused Kenyans. First, they thought it was by one of their local musicians only to find out it was Tanzanian! Well, it’s an amazing song by people who look like they just landed from Europe speaking Swahili. The video is amazing, and when the song plays in the club, every girl bend overs! It’s a dance song with a ton of emotions that gives it this position!


  1. SANG’OMBE (Erick Omondi)


Erick Omondi! You genius! Wachafuu!

I thought the ‘original’ song by Diamond ft. Rayvanny (the colors are awesome) was fantastic, but Erick clearly stole this one. Am I the only one who thinks that this guy should once and for all just work on his music career?


  1. KULIKO JANA (Sauti Sol ft. red fourth chorus)


Oh well letting these young men redo the song was the best think that Sauti Sol did. The harmony is on point, and you just have to love the dedicated and talented Red Fourth chorus and Flo. The children give the song a very innocent outlook, and the message is superb.


  1. THITIMA ANTHEM( kymo ft. stigah)


Where the hell did these guys come from? I wouldn’t want to say I know what they took for breakfast that morning because it’s a gospel song, but the song is amazing. It’s a gospel song that will capture you with the Luo accent and keep you attentive to it because you will want to hear what they are saying!

Kudos guys! This song just made it to no.1


By Wambui Ochieng'

Radical Feminist

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