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Second Year And Still Going.

People!!! Gemini Spice Magazine is now in our second year! What a journey this has been!

I can’t begin to express how amazing this venture has been! I look at the Gemini Spice Magazine website and I am drawn to tears.

I remember as a young child, innocent, naive, full of dreams, free, lonely, rebellious and determined, living away from my mother and family, I took to writing as an escape from this world’s harsh realities.

I remember the first thing I wrote was a letter to my mom, 6 years old. I was lonely and abused, and I plucked a page from a school book and wrote, “I laugh you mom,” hahaha.

All poetry is a diary entry that you secretly want someone to read.

In highschool, I wrote lots of romance novels that many peeps read. I feel ashamed that there was a time I burned them all, turned my love into ashes coz I didn’t understand who the fuck I was. I am reclaiming my identity and personality as I go on.

While I have become a better writer throughout these years, my creativity and Lexis developed, writing has continued to serve the same purpose in my life. It’s that one place where I can bleed all that I am.

If you ferret through my most important possessions, you will find myriads of paper cemented in ink. That’s my heart and soul.

When I began a WordPress site in 2014, it was to continue to use my art as the expression of my being. And as I started to share my poems, articles, stories, with others, they also validated my expression.

In 2020, I converted the 6year old blog to a magazine with lots of faith and doubt.

I wanted more writers to experience a free world where they could express, dream and actualize a new, vibrant and woke Afrika.

A place where they could be unapologetically them and grow while learning to contend with the world. A young people’s place to crawl this world.

Before that, I searched for literary magazines to publish my articles but none of them had the radical spirit that ignites my bone.

So I founded Gemini Spice Magazine. A place where we could use art and literature to move the world.

Gemini is the art and literature, the spice is the feminism. For me, poetry is my heart and feminism is my soul. And I am fighting for this Feminist culture to exist, resist and persist!

I am glad that so far, we have created a commune for artists and activists. There are many writers, poets and artists that call Gemini Spice Magazine, a home, and I couldn’t be prouder.

The Art is the Gemini, The Activism is the Spice.

We have also released our First Issue, We Will Survive Covid which was part of the bigger movement, We Will Survive Covid. It’s so rejuvenating to see how many people turned out to support and promote.

Believe me, we are working to be better and bigger and we will be; just watch and see.

We continue to highlight the struggles and successes of women around Kenya and Afrika through our monthly themes and our issues to realize a more just world for the women who exist, resist and persist in Afrika.

And hey! We are just beginning, imagine us in two years! Baby we are the hurricane that will shake this fucking society!

As we celebrate this second year and my 27th birthday, I am reminded of all the people who have contributed to the lucrativity of this Magazine.

I am grateful to Betty Kariuki who has been by my side helping me out in everything, giving me her time and energy and always lifting my spirit.

The writers that currently write with us like Kate Mumbi and Kimani Mark and everyone who has a by-line on the Mag.

Those that have believed in us a formidable place to preserve and expose their work. Those who even with the limited resources that Gemini Spice has, have trusted and believed in us. Our partners.

We are currently recreating history and forging a new Afrika together!

I am grateful for anyone who has ever read a piece and shared, for those who follow us, for everyone who encourages the continuance of this work. You are in my heart forever.

For Ian Mugaya, who died this month on his birthday, but continually encouraged the vision that I have for this Gemini Spice commune.

As we continue to write impeccable poetry, thoughtful pieces, and continue to dream and actialize this Nu-Afrika, it’s my conviction that we will get better.

That we will learn as we grow. That we will be the greatest and realest media house that ever existed.

Did you read that right?

Yes, my dream is to have the most vibrant, real and radical media house, from Afrika to the world!!

So continue to support us and share our work, we are climbing this hill, stealthily.

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By Wambui Ochieng'

Radical Feminist

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