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I am on my period.

Yes. I am.

You don’t have to ask kama “nanyesha!” and believe me, I am not ovary-acting.

Right now, my uterine wall is breaking up into smaller parts and dripping as blood through my vagina. And I am feeling more powerful than ever.

In 2019, a young girl, Kenya, 14 years, took her own life after a teacher shamed her for staining her dress while on her period. The asshole actually ordered her to get out of class because she was dirty, after ‘soiling’ her clothes.

After reading this story, I took a trip down memory lane.

My period began when I was about 13. I was in class seven. In our school I was considered a late bloomer.

I remember feeling something wet around my vagina. A certain wetness I had never felt in my life and of course, horrible abdominal pain.

I walked to my mother, freaked, and confused. I asked her if she had pads. She asked if I had begun my period and damn, I disappeared into the bedroom with a scared yes and went to put on the pad. This should definitely go into Janet Mbugua’s My First Time.

When we were in class six, we were taught about fertilization and when we got to the menstruation part, all the boys laughed and all the girls felt ashamed. It didn’t help that our science teacher was some asshole male idiot who made it even worse.

Matters regarding periods have always been held in secrecy and shame.

Take our Sunday school for example period conversations were held in secluded rooms where an elder woman told us about menstruation under hush hush tones. Not once did she tell us that I would feel so powerful and do some of my best work during my period. She didn’t tell us to be proud and realize the power that comes from period.

She only served to propagated these outdated myths and misconception about menstruation that men wrote in the Bible so women could never rise to our full power.

My elder cousins hid sanitary towels from me when I was a young child. They could have told me about periods, but they didn’t.

Period shame.

Remember how in medieval eras women were not allowed to go to places of worship when on their periods because they were unclean? Period Shame.

Have you ever heard boys talking about periods?

“kwani unanyesha?” is a common conversation when men think you are ovary-acting. And even women tell this to each other. Learn to love the things that men hate about women. That’s our power.

Ever visited your boyfriend when you are on your period? Or do you hide that part of yourself from him? Ever gotten a CJ during your period? I have. Hehehe. Jesus!


What is the silence, secrecy and shame surrounding menstruation?

Women bleed all their lives from around age 9 (differs with everyone) and it’s a cycle that comes to be a part of our lives.

Women make up more than half of the world’s population? Why the fuck then have we sidelined one of the most critical components of our being?

The period conversation is held in whispers between women and as insults to women by men.

“Kwani unanyesha?”

It is a popular question when men and even women think you are ovary-acting. But have you ever thought its the power you exude when you are on their period that intimidates them?

Funny shit is that every time, a person has dared me to slap them by asking such a stupid question, I was definitely not on my period.

Our society has created a world where there is no space for us to talk about our periods.

Picture this. You are in town; you see a woman in a white dress sashaying with a big maroon stain below her ass. What do you do?

There was a big billboard near Muthaiga square with a young girl wearing a white tee-shirt and a big blood mark on it. And the campaign slogan goes, “Eradicate period shame!”

But am thinking.

What fucking period shame?

Why should I be ashamed of something that is a part of me?

Why should I be ashamed if my blood spills on my boyfriend’s white sheets?

Why the fuck should I be ashamed of my periods?

I want us to have this conversation.

I want older women to stop guilting young women into period shame.

I want men to buy their girlfriends sanitary pads as gifts, not just because she sent you.

I want men to be in tune with the human that is women. You cannot love the vagina so much when your dick is slipping in and out but ignore that once every month, blood flows from her like a river. But TBH I no longer give a fuck about what men think about women.

I want society to care about women. You need to know these things. You need to be aware. You cannot love a woman and yet refuse to accept her existence.

Blood comes out of our vagina and its not easy.

Its cramps, its tears, pain and sorrow.

And if you enjoyed when she was bouncing up and down your dick, shouldn’t you also enjoy when she is cracking up?

Its illogical to love a woman so much yet run away from her when conditions do not suit. But that’s the irony of life.

Women Just Need to Stop Caring About What Men Think and Rise to Our Full Divinity

Am close to the end of this article and am thinking, periods are not shameful, it’s the fact that men and women who came from ribs think they are shameful, that is shameful! Its actually that men are intimidated by our powerful blood that they want us to feel shame so we do not access that power.

I want women to carry their pads or other Menstrual products without any shame, without the need to wrap them.

This shame is unwarranted. It’s stupid to still have these achaic thoughts about our vaginas.

Bleed woman! Bleed with pride and freedom!

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By Wambui Ochieng'

Radical Feminist

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