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I just got back to school from the national drama festivals in Nakuru and i must say i was disappointed. I am a thespian who truly loves my acting and i have always waited for that day when i will be able to act naturally and i thought that it would come true in university but sadly it hasn’t happened. Immediately i got out of high school i joined different theatre groups and thrived in the beauty of acting and i thought that i would also find it in the drama festivals. years after high school and we are forced to act like robots. Anyone who has been to the drama festivals will back me up on the plastic nature of things there. I mean we are in campus where we are supposed to grow as people, not only in books but also in our skills. I believe that the education system is supposed to instill in us skills that help us not only in the university  but also out there in the world and if a program cannot accomplish that mission then it should be done away with. The content and the way that content is delivered should be changed. We should usher a new era in drama where things are natural. We should portray our experiences and be free to do it. We should be natural in the way we speak; like human beings in a context that we can relate to. Drama festivals should be for the students; a moment where they can unleash their real potential. It should not be lecturers who adjudicate this forum but professionals in the field of theatre and film. In this way, talented youth can take another step into their careers. Now that would be helping the students of this country and we will be proud to say that we are products of the Kenya drama festivals! so, free our university drama festivals


By Wambui Ochieng'

Radical Feminist

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