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Am afraid I have lost all that pulled you to me
My pastel feathers have turned grey
My poems have become bitter herbs
My voice hits only the wrong notes
My feet have forgotten our exotic dance
My hands no longer remember the map to you heart
When did my hands become so cold?
When did our bed become so old?
How did our love grow so much mold?
For better or for worse?
We have quit at our worst.
Our well is dry.
Our love is a lie.
For better is not the best.
Who are we now?
Ghosts of the lovers we were?
Chained by the memory of yesterday’s love,
Silently hoping for a tomorrow like yesterday,
Openly cursing the blessing of trying today.
Hiding in our pride
Seeing only one side
Forgetting that two,
Is greater than one
But two in one
Is the equation of love!

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