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I know, I know, I came late to the party but what do those old guys say, “Better late…”

After 3months of having to pretend I had watched this black revolution or power to the people kind of movie, I have finally watched it and now I can sincerely say “Wakanda forever!” Not that it’s a very big phrase in the movie but we people of Wakanda get it, no? My friend Wangari Eve had told me about it when she watched it at TRM but damn, pesa ya TRM manze! So I had to wait for pirate bay… it’s a long story but I thank God for that shitty job my brother got at that movie place.

Do you remember what you had to do for some small pennies after high school? I remember walking around Nairobi CBD with cups, plates, glasses and thermoses from office to office. Damn! I hated that job. Or when we had to go around selling Airtel tickets only to be given 25 bob for every 50 you made. It would have been a good deal if only people didn’t compare Airtel with Safaricom. That means you could earn more than 250 bob. Of course fare is 150 from Rongai to Ruiru and 70 bob lunch. Or when we registered for that theatre group to only spend the next three months singing play songs at Central Park. Those were some bad times man.

My watching Black Panther comes at a time when our Banned-in-Kenya lesbian film ‘Rafiki’ premiers at the Cannes Fete. Congratulations Wanuri Kahiu and your actresses Sheila Munyiva and Samantha Mugatsia for a job well done. I have heard that a prophet is never liked or even accepted in Nazareth.

So back to Black Panther. It should have been called Wakanda, don’t you think? I felt like a part of Lion King came to life in this movie. If you agree, please write in the comment section, pretty please (vulnerable emoji)? Of course the good Black Panther did not run away from home but he had an evil relative, like Scar. Some of my friends think that the movie is overrated, do you agree? Well, I thought it was going to be more but hey expectations should always come with limitations.


The bad Black Panther was amazing, he was hot like hell and damn, did he steal the show. However, whenever he removed his shirt and we saw those markings on his body (Sudanese), I thought of an STI. Of course the good one was also very lovable. Hey, Lupita did look beautiful in this one, didn’t she? Oh and the Black Panther’s sister? She is everybody’s younger sister! You would love her from the first to the last second.



Their mother, damn those white or grey dreadlocks did serve her justice. Do you think I should die my hair that colour? The general was also very empowering to women, “for Wakanda I would kill” I loved the fact that the King’s security detail was made up of women. Yay! Gaddafi much?

Now, first of all, we real Africans who actually represent Wakanda do not speak with that accent. I did not like that accent at all. Like for real, I live in a country in Africa, and I don’t speak like that, nor do my parents or friends. Lupita actually said that “these (referring to the Black Panther and the general) are my friends from Kenya”. So, question to Lupita. “Now that you are from Kenya, have you ever had any of us speaking like that?” so the accent, zii!!!

Do you get the feeling that our country bans films and content from Kenyans but readily accepts the same kind of content from other countries? Of course you do. Is it the fact that the board wants to look like its working, so “we have to ban this one!” How many lesbian films have you watched on your Kenyan screen in your Kenyan apartment? Big deal! Oh, we don’t want these things to be normalized in our country. I mean look at Sauti Sol, the biggest act in Kenya have had two of their song videos banned and when you actually look at those videos, they aint as dirty as what comes to our Kenyan screens. But who am I to judge? Let me stop catching back to Wakanda.

I loved the colours! The blending was amazing! I loved the lighting! Oh and when this bad Black Panther was dying…

maxresdefault (2)


Damn! He looked at the sunset and he was divine as he said those words.

maxresdefault (1)


You got to respect that guy’s resilience and pride.

What else was amazing? The mostly-black cast. Yes! We should have more of that. At least now we can tell our children that we also have superheroes. I wish Wakanda existed. Did you get the feeling that the film suggested that we Africans and our African American brothers will never co-exist? Well, they can take their friendship and shove it up their butts. Oh and the guy from that deviant tribe, “Are you done (Nigerian accent)?” He was interesting. I have a question though, which tribe in Africa cuts up their lips and puts the tins?



By Wambui Ochieng'

Radical Feminist

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  1. I read the whole thing in your voice. now I should go to mtaa and buy black panther 😂😂
    like I really want to watch it now

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