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I wonder why you decided to share your dreams with me and give your heart to her.

It’s midnight and you call. Boy am I happy to see you? We sit side by side and I lend you my ears.

Your date just ended. It’s your third year anniversary.  You love her.  She’s everything you’ve ever wanted in a woman.

What about me? You bought her a 6-k necklace. Ouch! She screamed and jumped kissing you she promised you forever.

I am happy for you.

You found your happy ever after. Congratulations, you made it,  I missed it.

I missed it waiting for you.

I knew from the start that you were with another but I was hoping that you would like me as you had before all this shit happened. I somehow convinced myself that I wouldn’t feel much now that I knew you were taken. I kept calling you when I was drunk for a few stolen moments.

Moments that would be my only piece of you. We lie in bed sharing some passionate kisses but all you talk about is her.

You kiss me and I know I will want you forever. I am in love with you. You touch me and I know there can never be better. Stay with me and just cuddle me. You think that there is a suitor out there that am spending my days with but you are wrong.

You call me best friend because I understand you in a special way.  That’s because I love you,  You idiot!

I love the fact that I can call you at 3am and you will come warm this place up. Am afraid of saying what I feel because you might leave and never come back and I couldn’t have that.

I also don’t know if I am capable of taking care of you. I might break your heart.

So for now I will sit under this table and eat the scrapes that fall from her mouth and when she is done I will eat her left overs.


By Gemini Spice

Creative And Vivacious Poet

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