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Anna Delvey attracted the New York Elite, as a German Heiress on the way to receiving her 60million Euros. She outsmarted them and made this current big story: Fake Heiress Who Outsmarted New York Elite.

If they had met, Anna Delvey and the Tinder Swindler would be Bonnie and Clide 2022 story.

“I just don’t feel guilty. I don’t care what you think of me. I don’t need your approval. I don’t think of myself as a con artist.” Says the real Anna in a 2021 interview with 60 minutes Australia.

Anna Sorokin

Fake it till you make it

How long and well can anyone fake it? Style, Class, Elegance, supposed-inheritance, taste, a business idea… The story of Anna Delvey or Sorokin- I prefer Delvey of course, is one many would like to call, Fraud- because, feelings.

But for me, it’s pure checkmate. Genius!

It got Shonda efing Rhymes to produce a show (Trending Top Ten) on Netflix. Read-that-Again. Yeap. And me writing about her at 3.00am because I couldn’t sleep just wondering how she did it!

Inventing Anna. Julia Garner as Anna Delvey in episode 102 of Inventing Anna. Cr. Aaron Epstein/Netflix © 2021. Fake Heiress Who Outsmarted New York Elite.

Fake Socialite Hieress Who Conned New York’s Elite

is the top headline you will find in stories about Anna Delvey.

How Anna Delvey Tricked New York’s Party People is the headline The Cut came up with and the original story initially posted on the New York Magazine written by Jessica Pressler.

What We Learn from Anna Delvey: Scams are all the rage for Generation Hustle

The Guardian

Who is Anna Delvey? The True story of The Fake Socialite portrayed in Netflix’s Inventing Anna

The Independent

This story is so viral. It’s on the Guardian, The New York Times, The Independent, The Cut, The New York Magazine, Vanity Fair and now, Gemini Spice Magazine.

Becoming Anna Delvey

So, the story goes of a 25-year old woman who invented a fake social media persona and scammed hundred of thousand dollars from elite in New York. When she finally stood in court in 2019, after being in the US since 2013 and playing her con, she was charged with Scamming Hotels, Banks and other social elite members.

Sky News introduces her as a woman who played the role of Anna Delvey, a wealthy German Heiress with a taste for expensive wine, private jets and designer clothes who even during her court hearing, made media sensation with outfits that she had personally hired a stylist for. It was these pictures that stole the show.

But the initial story came from now-famous journalist who made Delvey famous, Jessica Pressler who inspired the Shonda Rhimes Netflix show; Inventing Anna. Currently locked up in ICE custody for overstaying her visa in the US- after her release from jail- the real Anna Delvey- or Sorokin- whose Instagram is very much active (more than 360K followers)- posted a photo of the actress Julia Garner on set and captioned “Inventing Me.” The audacity!

Fake Heiress Who Outsmarted New York Elite.

Fake Heiress Who Outsmarted New York Elite.

“The way Anna spent money; it was like she couldn’t get rid of it fast enough. Her room was overflowing with shopping bags forms Acne and Supreme, and in between meetings, she’d invite Neff to foot massages, cryotherapy, manicures etc.”

Writes Pressler who interviewed Neff- who got lots of 100-dollar bills and serenades around New York and who shared her story with Anna Delvey.

Anna Delvey entered the New York scene in 2013 claiming to be a German Heiress on the way to receiving her 60million Euros trust from her affluent parents. Through this claim, she had the wealthy of New York eating from her palm and just wanting to be near her. She lived the life that many of us and even she, dreamed off.

Fake Heiress Who Outsmarted New York Elite.

Having lived and worked in London and Paris- for ‘Purple’ Magazine- Anna got some connections that would introduce her to the New York Elite scene.

Anna Delvey was a woman with a mission. A mission to build an exclusive creatives art club under the name Anna Delvey Foundation (they said it was narcissist, so what?) in a Porsche area of Manhattan and was actively looking for funding for creating it and paying it back with the money from her inheritance once she had turned 25. And was she dangerously close to getting her funding so much she received 74,000 euros before getting the full amount.

Delvey hosted large dinners at a flashy premise Le Coucou. Attendees were mainly CEOs, artists, celebrities, athletes and others in the wealthy social class.


When she was finally arrested, she had forged bank statements, deposited bad checks and faked wire transfers on her marks. At the end of trial, in which she gained media attention with the stylish outfits she wore and according to the Netflix series made everyone wait, she was charged with 4 counts of grand larceny and theft of services.

Fake Heiress Who Outsmarted New York Elite.
Anna Sorokin in court. Fake Heiress Who Outsmarted New York Elite.

Anna was however acquitted of ‘stealing’ money from a ‘friend’ (Rachel Williams) with whom they traveled to Morocco trip but left her friend with the entire 45,000 Euro bill to settle even when she had said it was an all expenses paid trip. She, Rachel actually wrote a book about it and became wealthy. Talk about character development.

While she was sentenced to 4 to 12 years from 2017, Delvey was released in 2021 for… wait for it… good behavior. Yeap. You gotta love her!

Shonda Tells A Great Story on Netflix

Were it not for Shonda Rhimes (How to Get Away With Murder, Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy etc) Netflix show “Inventing Anna” I would never have known the story of Ms Delvey. The Netflix series is of course “completely true… except for the parts that are completely made up.” Like the pregnant journalist whose water broke and she couldn’t go to the maternity until Kaycee- a source for the Delvey story- said yes to using her story in the article. Okay. Maybe I would have done it too.

Fake Heiress Who Outsmarted New York Elite.
Fake Heiress Who Outsmarted New York Elite.

Life Is Hard, You Do What You Can

In the series, Delvey’s lawyer contends how embarrassed the New York elite were for getting scammed by a 25-year old and that’s why they came down so hard at her, but if you think about it, she is a genius.

She was able to afford a luxurious life and convince people, not because she is a criminal- now I got to wonder who criminals are- but because she understood people, because she knew how to give and show people what they wanted. Were it a rich white man, Like in Billions, we would have called him, Genius. But Anna is a a woman. And while everybody will vilify her, I think she was brave and intelligent.

In our self-pity and pretense in being good people, most of us rebuke Anna Delvey for faking her identity and I would be so doing were it not for my recent brush with reality and peeping into the illusions and fantasies of the world we call reality. No one is real. No one is real. And maybe that’s the reality. Yes. I have had a shuddering hit with fake people. Too much. We all get played.

Do you still blame the cunningness of the colonizer or the stupidity of the colonized?

Anna might not have gotten the funding for ADF but she has left quite the stir. She has a name, whether you like it or not. How many of us could think like that at age 25? She inspired Shonda Rhimes and Netflix, damn! And articles in the world’s top Magazines including this one here.

By Wambui Ochieng'

Radical Feminist

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