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Every day we live, we die a little
Death is inevitable
“Do we come here to die?” He asked
May be we did
We are just competing with time
When she is nigh
She will take me
Me before you
Or you me

Destiny has a way of crushing us
By giving and by denying
Our innate desires
And everything has its season
A time to love
I loved her
A time to hate
Now I loathe the sight of him
A time to live
And a time to die
We surely will

Maybe you have to taste
Through that of others
To get yourself there
Every experience
A lesson
For every night
Darkness arises
Light will conquer
And then one day
When you least expect it
Or perhaps you do
The queen of the night
Will Victor

Gemini Spice

It’s a test I think
Maybe will be promoted to higher glory
He speaks from his soul
I can see you


Gemini Spice 



By Gemini Spice

Creative And Vivacious Poet

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