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In a world where you can find anything, I cant find myself

They say nothing is truly ever lost but my soul has left it’s host

So, hollow, desperate and void

I search and search only to find what I was hoping to avoid: Nothing.

Going to my favorite place, I look deep into my eyes hoping to find something,

Something of comfort, maybe of beauty

Something of assurance, maybe what should be

Something of me but there lies nothing.

Breath in,  breath out… Then

smash! There goes the sound of breaking glass

See, I was never one to break things but this one was utterly useless!

There should’ve been a reflection!

There should’ve been a me staring back at me!

I mean,  I should’ve seen something but there was nothing so I guess that one was… Broken.

Now my favorite place is no longer an existing place.

So, moving on,  I dry my face and take my little gadget of self destruction

PlayStore search: help finding myself app

And I again, I find what I was hoping to avoid: Nothing

Of all the dumb things in existence,

Of all the so called inventions,

How is there none to help me find me?

I mean,  damn!

Breath in,  breath out… Then

Ring! Ring! The one person I wanna talk to

Finally,  something!

As I’m about to answer with a smile plastered on my face

There it goes. My gadget of self destruction. Destroyed. By me. Irony.

Now I’m back to nothing,  I guess that one’s also broken.

Immediately, I am overwhelmed, choking, drowning

I search the ground I stand on. Desperately,

Looking for at least a single intact piece of my favorite place,

Cuts and bruises as karma takes its course

Vengeance for betraying the one place I found peace

Finally! Something!

With a bleeding heart and bleeding fingers

I hold it up to my face and all I see is a drop of what was,


Or could be


But it fell before I could cage it.

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