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Standing in front of a mirror staring at a stranger
Looking at someone I thought I’d never meet

See I always took pride in the person I was but this one, though they have my eyes, my lips, my nose, my chin and my face they’re not me
This is where I take it back I guess,,, my late momma would not be proud.

This is someone I thought I’d never see
A reflection of a woman with blood on her hands and pain in her heart
A woman who’s lost herself trying to save herself
But what kind of salvation kills from within?
What kind breaks your very core?
What kind dismantles the root of you values?
I am looking at a woman who out of fear took a path she never thought she would
A path that she’d said ‘never’ to
I’m looking at her and I have nothing to say.

Loosing you is painful but having you is worse
That is how we ended up here ain’t it? the point of no return
Me looking at you and you staring back, what do we do now?
We can’t keep staring at each other can we?

They say there is redemption for the lost soul
That nothing can separate us from the love of God
But I’m beginning to think you are separated and that the silver lining turned grey.
‘Cause Where has the spark in your eyes gone?
What happened to that contagious smile that you had?
Where on earth did your innocence go?
What happened to the woman that you were?

You touch me and I can’t stand it
You look at me and the reservoir breaks
I try to say something but my mouth won’t open
With every breath a tear drops
And then a shiver and a tremble
I can’t take it, this is where I break.
How do I get back from this?

A lost soul, a lost cause
Forgotten dreams, forgotten hopes
Tainted, scarred
This is what I see when I look at you
Trying to forgive you, but even with tears in your eyes, I can’t
Trying to understand you, but even with remorse in your heart, I can’t
Trying to look at you but I simply can’t
So turn your face from me and don’t speak
Draw your hand away from me and walk away
Don’t turn back and keep walking
Don’t reach out to me and forget me
Oh how I wish you could
Too bad a shadow is bound to its owner so I’m living with mine.

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