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Dear Daughter,

You might never come from my womb, but if you do, then it means I will be ready for you. That I will want you immensely. You will know love, power, beauty, and spoiling that no one ever knew.

If you don’t, then you live in the bodies that share in my spirit. That I am grateful for.

Dear daughter if they ever tell you to be a certain way, stand up for yourself and say no. Be whoever the fuck you want to. Don’t let them re-arrange you in any way. You are perfect in your unique design.

Dear daughter, one thing I never want you to do is to look in the mirror and find a stranger staring back at you.

Know this, you are a soul in whatever body you shall be placed, they can scratch your body, bruise, and even break it, but never let them touch your soul.

Daughter, the most important gift you will give yourself is pure honesty and a tongue that cuts. Never be afraid of saying it as you feel it.

Daughter, no matter what you do, or say, they will still talk, so just be you. You didn’t come to this world to please people and care for their little feelings. Always know that the most important person there is in this world; is you. The rest are doormats.

Being good could be a virtue, but being good will give you nothing in this world, be a bad woman. So long as you do no harm to yourself.

Daughter the greatest harm you can do to yourself is shut down that voice inside your head; follow it, that’s your soul guiding you.

I don’t know how many times I must say this but always say what’s on your mind, even if it’s to me. You didn’t come to please anyone in this world but yourself.

You won’t find any role models in this world; choose yourself.

Dear daughter, sometimes it will be difficult to believe in yourself- a little water, re-writing your dreams, a little salt, mama’s words, and the words of women who were there before will guide your way.

Daughter, never be ashamed of your femininity. Walk the streets as you own them, look them in the eyes when you speak, never pave the way for anyone, wear red lingerie, red dresses and skirts, if you like shirts and suits, wear them red.

Dear Daughter, if a man ever dares to force himself on you, to dirty your soul with his filthy hands, to rob you of your body; there are only two choices; either him or yourself. Always chose yourself.

Dear daughter, when the goddesses created you, they created beauty, love, and power. You are powerful, beautiful, dangerous, and they know it; that’s why they will try to keep you silent. Don’t allow them, bite them with the fangs I give you, let the venom spread till they are no more.

Daughter, don’t let them deceive you that a man will come to save you; you are your own heroine.

Dear daughter, you are the daughter of an empress, don’t accept any title beneath your lineage.

Remember you are always more; more than man, you are woman, more than male, you are female, more than God, you are Goddess.

This world is the ground your feet walk on.

Your Mama, The Goddess that created Herself.


Photo by Thuanny Gantuss from Pexels

By Wambui Ochieng'

Radical Feminist

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