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Dan Brown’s Davinci Code

In 2003, one of my favorite authors, Dan Brown wrote a revolutionary book that spiked a huge controversy among many people especially the Catholic Church. Most of the reactions you will get about the book are from many dissatisfied men from the church who of course did not appreciate a twitch at the patriarchy- the assumption that the feminine principle in our society is obsolete.

The Davinci Code  deserves more fame and popularity than it does having made revelations about the divine feminine that will lead to a more aware and connected world.  Some of these include:

  • Jesus was not the misconceived character that the Bible presents. He did in fact have sex. (Lost a read here). And an even murkier one is that he did sire a daughter. Time to breathe.
  • Remember Mary Magdalene (the ‘prostitute’)? She and Jesus were married and had a child from the marriage.
  • And get this, Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute (patriarchy dismantled) but a woman from a Royal family. Thus, both Jesus and Mary were from Royal blood (Sang Real) and sired together a child who was Royalty.
  • And Jesus was a feminist! (Stop rolling your eyes).

You might wonder where Dan Brown got the boobs to make such claims! But if you have read any of Dan Brown’s books, you are well versant with his expansive research which I haven’t found in many western authors.

His research stems from various credible sources including:

  • The Gnostic tablets which are a collection of early texts (Christian and others) found in Egypt in 1945 and include texts such as The Gospel of Philip, The Gospel of Thomas, The Gospel of Mary. These texts can also be found in the Ethiopian Orthodox Bible. These described the life of Jesus from multiple lenses.
  • Les Dossier Secrets that detail information about the Priory of Sion- a European secret society that has held the secret of Jesus’s family
  • Leonardo Da Vinci’s works including paintings such as The Mona Lisa, Madonna of the Rocks and The Last Supper.


The Gnostic Tablets

Haven’t you ever wondered why out of all Jesus disciples, only four wrote an account of the son of God? Wiiild!

This collection of early texts vividly describes the life of Jesus from disciples such as Philip, Thomas and Mary were excluded from the bible. This exclusion happened during The council of Nicea in 352 AD by both the catholic church and Roman emperor Constantine who sought a better way to unite and control human beings. This established the church-state order of the world.

There was a need to have one story about Jesus and Christianity which would not have been possible if there were multiple stories that gave a different account. These included Arianism which claimed Jesus was not divine but a ‘created’ being. According to Arianism, Jesus was a normal man who was adopted by God after baptism or resurrection. But that wouldn’t have given a compelling story for the Christians.

After the Nicaea council, the concept of the Trinity establishing Jesus as a legitimate son of God and being a “begotten” son of God was created. His image would therefore be that of a divine deity who, even though came to the world to share in human experience, didn’t do a human thing like get married or have children. Alright.

Dan Brown contends,

“The early Church feared that if the lineage was permitted to grow, the secret of Jesus and Magdalene would eventually surface and challenge the fundamental Catholic doctrine-that of a divine Messiah who did not consort with women or engage in sexual union” (p.257)

Les Dossiers Secrets

Les Dossiers Secrets are a 27-page document that was revealed in 1975 by the Paris National Library.

The information contained in this document reveal that the Priory of Sion- an ancient European society- has held the secret of Jesus’s daughter and her descendants– the Merovingians-from the catholic church generation to generation.

Other reputable names like Sir Isaac Newton, Victor Hugo, Botticelli and now Da Vinci were also members of the Priory of Sion.

These grand masters practiced goddess Worship. “Leonardo was a well-documented devotee of the goddess worship” (103).

Les Dossier secrets have been used as sources by other writers such in works such as Holy Blood, Holy Grail.


Da Vinci’s Works

Leonardo Davinci is among one of the most admonished painters of the 1500s and his name is still famous and respected for works such The Mona Lisa, Madonna of the Rocks, The Last Supper and a personal favorite, Vitruvian Man.

According to Dan Brown,

“the painter who was a mad genius was believed to have hidden secret messages within much of this artwork. Most scholars agree that even da Vinci’s most famous pieces- works like The Mona Lisa, Last Supper, and Madonna of the Rocks- contain startling anomalies that all seem to be whispering the same cryptic message… A message that hints at shocking historical secret that has allegedly been guarded since 1099 by a European Secret society known as The Priory of Sion.”


Cracking the Davinci Code

Thus, The Davinci Code story follows the search for the Holy Grail by characters Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveu. In the beginning, they assume that this cup/chalice/vessel (symbolized V) was the one Jesus drank from during the last supper when he broke bread with his disciples.

The two come to a life-altering and patriarchy dismantling realization: The holy grail is not the cup, rather it was the vessel through which Jesus’s bloodline was carried. That vessel, my darling, was Mary Magdalene.

The person seated next to Jesus (in equal position) in the Last Supper painting was assumed to be a man but a closer look at it and you will clearly see, it’s a woman. Mary Magdalene. Jesus’s wife and expecting mother to their daughter.

A writer notes, “Jesus and Mary Magdalene are clothed as mirror images of each other. Their clothes were inverse colors… Ying and Yang. It’s a sign of balance between the female and male.”

Dan Brown writes,

“Mary Magdalene was pregnant at the time of the crucifixion…With the help of Jesus trusted uncle, Joseph of Arimathea (Really King Aye of Egypt), Mary Magdalene secretly traveled to France…it was here in France that she gave birth to a daughter. Her name was Sarah” (p.255).


The Mona Lisa

The next clue in Davinci’s work is the Mona Lisa. Mona Lisa has always looked peculiar to anyone who’s ever seen her. She seems to be knowledgeable of some secret, don’t you think? Thaaat elusive smile…

Dan Brown says,

Amen was God of masculine fertility…And do you know who Amon’s (Amen, Amun, Aman) counterpart was? The Egyptian goddess of fertility? It was Isis. (p.120)

Now the face of Isis is generation/fertility according to Egyptologist Budge. Read this author if interested in Egyptian Mythology.

And the female goddess, Isis whose ancient pictogram was once called L’ISA (p.121)

So let’s bring the Mona Lisa to and androgyny AMON LISA= MONA LISA


He continues,

“Now we know Amen can mean Truth, Faith which is Hebrew/Egyptian for Aman, and in Greek witness could be an upright pyramid the phallus symbol of fertility. Now Isis and Mary Magdalene would get the V symbol for upside pyramid.

The Mona Lisa thus, is just a reference to again, the Ying and Yang. The balance of the female and male. Feminism.



Combine this with the story of the golden boyTutankhamen- Egypt’s youngest Pharaoh killed at age 12. Not much is known about him, but he is said to be one of the most influential pharaohs who brough back Amen’s religion.

Tutankhamen- is often referred to as “the living image of Amun (/Amen/ Amon)” who is the Egyptian God of Gods.

Listen to this…

“The real Jesus didn’t live in 30AD but sometime in 1300BC. His real name was Tutankhamen and his wife Ankhsenpa-amen.”

His wife (Isis/Mary/) was smuggled by Joseph of Arimathea (Tutt’s uncle- King Aye) out of Egypt into France after he was killed.

This story is believable given that evidence has been found both in Egypt and France that shows a black woman who carried a baby and was worshipped by many people. Think of that image as that one believed to have been Mary and baby Jesus, or Isis and Horus. Also, France is one of the most gender egalitarian countries in the world.

It’s all an Egyptian Story. And you know what the Greeks did to Egyptian Mythology. If we can understand Ancient Egypt, there’s so much we can learn about our ancient Egypt and Christianity.


Parting Shot.

There are people who have since claimed that Dan Brown’s book is blasphemous and other shit. DB didn’t respond to any of them. The only thing he ever said in the first page of the book was “FACT” thus its left for the reader to decide for themselves.

The fact that the church and government have worked tirelessly to undermine Brown’s work is very suspicious.

I tend to always believe those in the minority. What do you choose to believe?

Get the book on Amazon.


By Wambui Ochieng'

Radical Feminist

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