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I can never forget the electric charge running through my fingers
Up the radius and humerus
And dancing with the neurons
Of my heart

The flowers have begun to fade away
I haven’t seen the moon for many nights, have you?
Darkness begins to creep back
Stealing the radiance of the sun
Tell me when we are back
Back to that blissful night
When we saw the moon make love
To the midnight petals

Did they blossom faster in the night?
At the sight of the moon
And the dance of the cricket?
Tell me did you hear
Hear that bird that called your name?
Or was it mine
I find it difficult to remember
Amidst faster heartbeats
Scared to touch

I want to know
Did you go home
Holding on to something in your chest?
Did it feel a little lonely that night?
Tell me
Did it feel cold that night?
Did you look back
When I walked away from you?
When our skins were no longer fused?
After our bodies had refused to be apart?
And our arms remained interlocked
My feet froze at the staircase
If I didn’t know better
I would have followed you back

But you were already gone
When I made the turn
I wanted to follow you
Back home
That night when the flowers blossomed
And I whispered in your ear
“Lets stay a little longer. “

Gemini Spice 



By Gemini Spice

Creative And Vivacious Poet

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