Things Cool Come In C’s

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He is going to eat this clit like cake! 😮

My cunt can cough out a kid, cant believe?

It’s October, cancer awareness month, cup your breasts chic.

Thing is am cooler than you crush Cate coz am calmer, composed, caring and I have a cat so contact me.😍

Cross me, I will Cohen you, too soon?

My cologne drives you crazy coz it came from Cosovo.

Canada legalized cannabis, cool? Call Nacada in my country.

I want to own a condo, can’t take that cant do crap. Consistency is key! Clé, Français.

I prefer my cereal laced with cocaine, too corny?

I don’t like Cliff coz he is too corky and can’t cater for condoms. 😝😝 C is for contraceptive!

Do you prefer your coke canned?

I’ve heard California is fucked, and they fornicate there, californication?

Cinderella charmed prince with child feet, I will charm you with candour.

Compliments come from character mines consistent.

Confidence can get you a car. Go for your cardillac!☺️

Gemini Spice 

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