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10. Hot in Cleveland (2010- 2015)


What happens when you bring to the television a show that hasn’t been shown before? Well, I would say greatness! Hot in Cleveland shows mature ladies in their 50’s and above who still have needs, desires and are humorous. They not only attract an audience of the same age and make them feel alive again, but also attract young girls who are amused by the humor and energy in these ladies.

This is what happens when you put Wendie Malick, Jane Leeves, Valerie Bertinelli and Betty White together.

  1. The last man on earth (2015-present)



This series finally answers the question; ‘what would you do if you were left all alone in the world’?

Meet Phil Miller, an obnoxious man who you will hate and love in the span of the seasons as he struggles to make in this world without anyone by his side

8. Veep (2012- present)


Just when you think you can’t expect more from the comedy world, this blessing is dropped at your doorstep. What happens when you put politics to the test of comedy? Veep happens and it is fresh and won so many awards to be mentioned.

It is the story of a lady who becomes vice president and realizes that her life is not the same anymore; she still has to juggle her social life, her job as Veep and still has her chief executive to deal with!


  1. Men at work (2012-2014)

Meet Tyler (cute boy who can get any girl but who gets slighted by his friends for being pretty), Milo (smart guy who thinks his friends tricked him to be their friend), Gibbs (black photographer with the best humor ever) and Neal (he has a hot girlfriend and her dad who is his boss doesn’t like him), four men who work at full steam magazine and still try to date and update each other while tearing each other apart on their lives.



  1. How I met your mother (2005-2014)

Who ever thought it was possible to tell a story in this way? HIMYM told like no other sitcom and through all its 208 episodes, and it had a mass following that grew with every season. The title says it all but does not justify the greatness of the comedy series, and neither does this review. You need to watch it yourself as Ted narrates to his children the story of how he met their mother.




  1. The big bang theory (2007- present)


When nerd heads are put to a test out of their labs at California Institute of technology, science might prove not so helpful, and they need the woman next door to help out! The combination of Penny who is a guru of the social world and the nerds who are scientists is mind blowing.

With 10 seasons and still a massive audience, you know that this show won’t let you down. It is funny and will keep you glued despite the 215 episodes. If you haven’t watched it, you better save up and buy a lot of coffee.

4. Modern family (2009-present)


You got to give it to them; they are truly modern! They are multi-cultural, two wives, have a gay couple, adopted an Asian girl, dog, it’s all messed up but worth all the rib breakage. The family drama is one that all a family like theirs will understand but one that every family will follow, relate to and want to watch together! The mockumentary style is just amazing!

  1. Baby daddy (2012- present)


Ben, a bartender and man whore, gets a baby on his doorstep that will perhaps change his Casanova ways. Watch as this guy juggles raising a child and still live the life of a youth. Watch as his friends Tucker( an aspiring producer), Riley( a lawyer who used to be chubby and has a crush on Ben), Danny( his brother who has a crush on Riley) and mother( I wish she was my mom but still fear that thought) help him out to raise his baby girl Emma.

The best thing about this sitcom is that it gets better as it develops with every season. Season 6 will be Bentastic!

2. Blackish (2014-present)


‘’Well, it can’t obviously be renamed ‘Black’ because then it will air on BET and no one will watch it’’ that was the answer from Anthony Anderson when Trevor Noah asked him on The Daily show to change the show.

Blackish features a successful black man who tries to keep the traditionally black ties in his family in modern times that could be tough. But does he win every day? You have to watch it to know. Watch “>

  1. Friends (1994-2004)


This one has to top this list. Why? Because it is the mother of all comedies! Some of you weren’t born when this comedy was being aired, but all of you will love it if you don’t already have all 10 seasons of this aphrodisiac.

Meet this long life friends  Rachel Green(Jennifer Anniston),  Monica( Courtney Cox), Phoebe(Lisa Kudrow), Joey ( Matt LeBlanc), Chandler( Matthew Perry), Ross( David Schwimmer) as they date, get pregnant, have ups and down and in the end of the day maintain a smile.

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