Civil Dissent

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I passed him the coins
Straight to his rhino skin rhino skin thick palm.
He looked me,
In the eye, lucky I had specs on,
I saw it through a slit.
He lets ’em jingle some more,
‘Fore he spits out a bit of khat,
Saddled in his mouth,
‘Add more.’
I say No.
‘Add more.’
The fare has doubled,
Curfew he says,
‘Add more’
He says.
I still say No.

The others,
Pay him as I.
He angers.
‘If you do not,
To stop car.’
I tell him to do.
Then add No.

He knocks the car to a halt,
A passenger alights,
‘Add more.’
‘Add more’
He sizzles.
I don’t know what to say.
It is a no. Unsaid.

He looks at every one,
That ‘ad paid ‘im less,
They look at me.
I lean, my head against the pane.
And say No.

He knocks with one of the coins,
And the car skids off.
He is angry.
I feel proud.
The others are afraid.
I want to shout that,
I led a civil dissent,
In these wild,
Corona times.

I wish you had been here beside me,
And not some clueless dame,
Who did not,
Know what it meant to resist,
Against capitalism,
Against a conductor man.
I wish you had been there,
With me,
When I led a civil dissent,
And not,
Empty seats,
Empty stares,
And bated breaths,
Passengers, awaiting my move,
To decide whether to remove, the extra coins in their possess.

I tell him,
I want to go off.
I hear the hearts, of everyone, die a little.
They’re afraid.
I am afraid, of a lot of what ifs,
I twist and play with thumbs, and muse,
Of what actions,
If he declares I a prisoner,
Of unpaid monies.
It is raining.
I look outside,
I see your beautiful smooth skin.
I see your beautiful chipped tooth.
I see you. Smile
He raps in anger.
The death machine comes to a halt, heaved open,
And I jump into rain pellets
In attack of my face.
He eyes me in disgust,
And slaps the rib of the car,
In misdirected anger. It splashes,
At my defiance and speeds away.

And it is silent.

The rain slaps on the tarmac sweetly.

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