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This stress got me
Feeling like a mess
I wish I was a dog
I would bark all day long
Like a mad bull
Let loose

Like a carnival
Exposing my carnassials
Biting on these assholes
Raah! Raah!
I would go!
Like a dungeon dragon!
Raah! Raah!

Foam Froathing at ma mouth
Ready to pounce
Like a lion that’s aroused
I can’t call quits
Yet am so close
I swear I feel it
From within

Am a hero
I’ll get up from zero
Like a super hero Zorro
You ain’t no drug addict
But am your heroine

Don’t want to listen
To what people saying
They say am insane
Trynna keep me on their lane

But am coming like a wave
Feel my veins pumping
Like a hurricane

You should be scared
I will destroy you
Your beliefs
You’ll find no aid
Hanging on the cliff
Leaving you hopeless without dreams
I don’t like drama
Am trynna be friendly with karma

Am no ordinary
Am  Kali
This is my story
Written in glory
Written with JT
Call him Shiva on the Valley!


Gemini Spice with JT!



By Gemini Spice

Creative And Vivacious Poet

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