The Divinity of Mother Nature

It’s Time

Reading Time: < 1 minute It’s not time to play God.

People are dying and people will still die if we continue like this. It’s no
way to live in this beautiful planet that we are blessed to be at. So let’s join nature in nurturing

The Story of Maryl Mukami, Cancer Survivor!

Reading Time: 3 minutes Cancer took away two beautiful years of Maryl life. The height of the scorching sun was when she began to lose her hair, become pale and her nails darkened. Insomnia and nightmares became constant friends. When around people, she would feign strength but later on breakdown when they left. Her self-esteem dropped and she lost faith in God. She gave up…

Sidney Sheldon Saved My Soul: On Sheldon’s Memoir ‘The Other Side of Me.’

Reading Time: 4 minutes Recently, I read Sidney’s memoir ‘The Other Side of Me’ and I don’t think there could have been a better time for me to read the book. After reading all his books save two, I met the author word for word. This was not a story about Jenifer Parker struggling to become a lawyer and making it. It was Sidney himself, at 88 just one year to his death. He was telling me and other readers about his life.


Reading Time: 4 minutes No sooner had I (hihihi, nafeel ka bazenga kutumia ii) dropped my pants than the waterfall came pouring down. The river was in its youthful stage where it was wild and free. It came hungrily, cutting through the rocks and breaking banks, rushing down the slope and proving itself majestic. I bowed my head and gave reverence to mother nature. There was a new wake of peace that came over me. The chains that had bound me broke, setting me free. This is what freedom meant. I was one with mother nature.


Reading Time: 4 minutes My thighs, they tell a story. A long story, yet short in some scenes. They tell a story of curiosity, of growth, change, laughter, tears, blood, sweat, unity, oneness, the fruit, life- the fruit of life. I remember the first time they saw blood and the second time and the first time, and the second time- a cycle they came to embrace. They are dark, burnt by the blessing of the sun, they stand majestically like the queen, tender from the love of the mother, and sharing in the goddess of the earth. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Making love, giving life, knowledge of God. Tonight I puff a few and right before I sail to the land of the living, I will touch the goddess, pay some homage to her. She is my queen, her pleasure is my purpose. In rapid movements, my hips will swing…

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