A feminist Who Died For The Cause (Feminism)

Why Feminism? A Proud Kenyan Feminist Reborn

Reading Time: 11 minutes I was reborn a feminist. And I want a feminist society.
A society where we can recognize and appreciate diversity, then include everyone in our new eco-feminist manifesto cum eco-socialist where we care about our community. A society where everyone who exists in it can do so equally and we can have more acceptance.
That is the society I want. This is why I am a proud Kenyan Feminist reborn

Menstrual Products Should Be Free!

Reading Time: 3 minutes Right from when a woman is 9 to 13 years old, she will experience her first period which will be constant for the rest of her life. Shouldn’t such instances be taken care of by the society and government? I mean, we have free maternity services but lets just be honest, a woman will need that only 1- 3 times in her life, or more if she decides to have more children. But menstruation comes every month, every 3- 7 days and even more for some women, so why aren’t sanitary towels free?

Forbidden Fruit: Thought I

Reading Time: 6 minutes You have been made to believe that the forbidden fruit was a red apple, right?
I mean, when you imagine Eve giving the fruit to Adam, you can actually see her handing him the red apple she got from the snake, no?
If you remember your Sunday school days, the pictures you were shown of the creation story show the tree of the middle as an apple tree with red apples hanging from it.
The snake meanders on the tree and then talks to Eve who eats and… you know the story, the destruction of the earth and humanity.
Permission to call bullshit?
Way I see, these guys just had sex.

Pan African Women’s Day

Reading Time: 3 minutes This day is important for all women to acknowledge and celebrate because it represents the resilience of the women who fought for us to have a voice in this society. It’s because of those women that I can write this article. It’s because of those women that women were able to go to school. It’s because of those women that we participate and are represented in the societal processes of Africa. Thus, it remains upon us to continue laying the foundations for which the next generation of women will break this glass ceiling.

Afrika and Her Children

Reading Time: 3 minutes And therefore a Matriarchal society never meant exploitation of men but rather all genders living under one umbrella of a caring mother.
It was until religion was introduced that later brought in gender discourses and women were the most affected, men too were affected by being given more responsibilities and roles, but women were literally placed at the lowest hierarchy followed by men then white men.
It distracted a lot of set up in Africa!

Women, Women, Women

Reading Time: < 1 minute When will you realize your power? The pre-capitalist and matriarchal societies throughout Africa allowed women to have substantial control over politics, the quintessential example of this cultural practice was found in ancient Egypt. In 3,000 BC, Egyptian women managed real estate properties, slaves, livestock, endowments, and annuities. Furthermore, due to its matrilineal nature, Egyptian society …

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