AfriKan Without Apology

Flying With One Wing

Reading Time: < 1 minute We’ve seen Nebuchadnezzar’s
whip and the dexterity of it’s wrath, drawing designs of maps on
the skins of our past, we’ve also been told of how dames and popes
who were honored with a badge of truth later danced to beats
resonating from the larynx of demons

A Book Review of Black Madonna by David Maillu (Just Before Black History Month Is Over)

Reading Time: 2 minutes Published in 2019, The story of Black Madonna is an educative journey of Black people’s history, stemming from two black martyr priests Joshua and Malachi, who sought to restore the existence of Black Jesus and Black Mary through generations to the current protagonist professor Yona Mayona who finally realizes their dream.

Lame the Movie Premiere’s In Eldoret

Reading Time: 2 minutes Lame revolves around a pair, Lame and Tasha who are trying to present their proposal to a group of sponsors for funding but struggle to do so as Lame’s clumsiness and bad timing keeps getting in the way. From spilling tea on Tasha to pushing her into a pool of mud, this movie kept the audience not only entertained, rib-cracked but also set a standard for how Kenyan movies are produced and celebrated by their own.


Reading Time: < 1 minute A land with many rivers flowing through the valleys the plains into the mass surrounded by a large ocean. Black African mermaids bathed with no fear in the river, the African sun blessing their dark bodies and filling their hairs with glory


Reading Time: < 1 minute British colonial forces executed Dedan Kimathi, one of the fiercest anti-colonial African revolutionaries and freedom fighters whose struggle brought independence to the nation of Kenya, and Duped Kenyans by Handpicking an imposter and a Friend of the British Mzee Jomo Kenyatta who never fought for shit to be the President of Kenya!

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