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If you are reading this and you do not speak Kiswahili, Nywele means hair. Black Hair.

So black history month is here, the time where we get into this melanin frequency and understand what it means to absorb the sun’s energy through our skin, hair, and everything that is naturally part of us.

Welcome, all because this ride is gonna be worth your time, life, history, consciousness, and future.

Definition no.2. Black people are people who trace their roots back to Africa. It does not matter where they currently reside; the Caribbean, US or Canada, Asia, Europe, the Motherland. All of them are Africans and only become black when the narrative comes from other races.

You might be wondering why Gemini Spice Magazine chose to do this topic; hair while there are so many topics we could do like the history of Slavery, why Ethiopia was never colonized, civil rights in America, Harriet, Maya Angelou, Tatou, Aminata, and others. Actually, these are very exciting topics but the reason why we decided on hair include:

  1. Hair is a spiritual part of us. If you think about our Crowns, how they defy gravity, unlike other hairs, how they look up towards the Sun, you will realize our hairs are part of the special identity in this world as African, the black people of the world.
  1. There has been debates about the professionality and neatness of raw and natural black hair since time immemorial. Our kinky natural hair has always been thought of as ratchet, that’s why we always have to perm it to make it straight for us to be accepted in formal institutions.
  2. The world’s dominant cultural hegemony (shiny straight hairs) streamlines black people in the world, regardless of their origin to wear their hair straight, to wear preferred and accepted way even though black people have a variety of options to chose from
  3. Linked to number two above is the damage of the essence of black hair, which unlike other hairs, isn’t supposed to be straight, just curly as it was created and perming it, making it how it isn’t created to be, erases the very essence of who we are.
  1. Five, we have to investigate which products and treatment can maintain the dignity of black hair so we can continue wearing our kink and curls proudly.
  2. Finally, let’s flaunt the different ways in which Curly Kinks can be worn! Aye!

Keep your tabs on us this black history month in our articles, videos, interviews. As we celebrate who we are. As we flaunt our Hair!

By Wambui Ochieng'

Radical Feminist

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