Betty Kyallo Serial Business Woman
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From being a star media personality who not only formidably reported news and held a motor show (among many others) Betty Kyallo, in a recent feature by Citizen TV, revealed that she is not only ALL THAT, but also a serious entrepreneur, a serial business woman thriving in the beauty and fashion Industry; a force to reckon with. Skrrrt!

If you listen to the trolls, you will be deluded that Betty Kyallo is nothing but a ‘socialite’ entangled in scandals all over Kenya but one thing I have learned, is if they are talking about her; it means that she is great. And this is something women all over the world ought to know.

Her flamboyant Instagram profile asserts her, “Blessed. God’s Child. Proud Mom. Journalist. Media Personality, Director of Flair by Betty, After Shave by Flair, Betty Kyallo Closet and Magic Business Center. What a better way to conclude Gemini Spice Magazine’s March Topic on Money Matters. By Showing you women who loyally keep up with us, that it is possible for you to achieve your ‘unrealistic dreams’ and even more. And she is only 33.

“I love looking good. If I am looking good. I am feeling good.”

Betty Kyallo

In the feature with Citizen Tv dubbed “Betty Kyallo As She Turns 33” Betty Kyallo discusses her journey with her businesses, the challenges she has encountered, how she thrived even during the pandemic, her luxurious locations which attracts same calibre of clients and how she diversifies to ensure she caters for the different customers that visits her parlous.

She even meets Nameless in her business street which is apparently the hub for celebs and they get into a discussion about Young, Famous and African.

Betty Kyallo talks about her love for cars and how it propelled her rise to fame at KTN where she hosted a show about cars. Boss queen gets into how she changes her own car tyres, take her cars to the garage, and how important it is for a woman to learn how to do her own. She is aiming to get a Porsche soon. Skrrt!

The business Mogul also gets into her relationship status, the challenges of dating under public scrutiny, and co-parenting her queen Ivanna with her ex-husband Dennis Okari.

Betty Kyallo with her daugher Ivanna

Surprise! Surprise! There’s no business Ms. Kyallo wont do. The Citizen Feature also revealed her 1-year Barbershop, how she intelligently garnered that spot and continuously uses her divinely feminine wit to run and sustain her business. Of course, she talks about future plans, perhaps franchising her businesses and leaving a legacy with eyes both open.

I love how Betty Kyallo brands her spaces. You won’t miss her business. You wont miss her presence. And in spite of the trolls, she blossoms even bigger. Betty Kyallo: Serial Business Woman!

2020 to 2030 is a special time for women in business and finance. We all should get into bandwagon and make money and names for ourselves. And what an amazing time to be a woman when we have role models like Betty who shows you, “If I can do it, so can you.”

Stop sitting on your butt. Get out there and make money. Get so wealthy so you can have the boobs to say, “Money cant buy you happiness.”

By Wambui Ochieng'

Radical Feminist

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