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Before I Was Blakk
I spoke my grandfather’s language,
I enjoyed grandma ‘s food — hence my fear of salt
And, I want gold grills.
Before I Was Blakk
I was regal — a status symbol, I walked tall
I now sit behind a cold desk, littered to the brim
I call it — I know a Place Where Dreams Go to Die
Still, I know my name.
Before I was Blakk
I was raised by a village, she spanked my tattered shorts and snitched on me
I was then invited to lunch the next day after hours of shooting marbles
I loved the rain, and stared at planes — bewitched
I cannot remember the last time I played with my (then) friends
Pity Party ensues.

By 2k Benga

Radical Feminist

2 thoughts on “Before I Was Blakk”
  1. Go baba go!
    ‘I Know a Place where dreams go to die’ sounds like the title of something I want to read

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